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Home Study

Technology today presents us with an easily accessible and affordable way to share information, knowledge and wisdom. Taking advantage of this tekkie explosion Madison has developed, and is excited to introduce, a home study format that is easy to use in the comfort of your own home. 


Has the time come to start looking after yourself? 

Has a health problem suddenly presented itself? 

Are you seeking to support, rather than sabotage, your emotional harmony? 

Are you an enthusiastic beginner starting out on your personal healing path? 

Are you an advanced practitioner, wanting to expand and deepen your knowledge? 

Do you want to simply enjoy home study and learn something new? 



Then look no further. In addition to her regular blogs and vlogs, Madison will be distilling decades of experience in many different aspects of natural healthcare, preparing new modules every year to empower and enrich your self-care and pet care. Some will be short and sweet; some will be longer and more detailed. There will be something for everyone, be it a simple introduction or master class. 


Modules will be structured around: 


  • A pdf document to download and print out. 

  • Link to supporting video demos 

  • A supporting ‘closed’ Facebook Page (MIDLIFE GODDESS) where questions can be posted, and you can network with like-minded souls. 

  • Some will have an online webinar 

  • Some will be one off and others will run over a period of weeks 


All will be informative and fun and provide you with PRACTICAL TOOLS you can use immediately. 


Don’t forget – while these online opportunities are exciting, nothing will ever beat real life, face to face teaching, that is why Maddie will continue to hold retreats and classes in Southern Spain, Isle of Wight, Wales and the USA. She prefers to keep the groups small, so that a truly intimate teaching environment can be created. They sell out quickly so make sure you are on her mailing list so that you can be among the first to receive details.


Home Study Classes



Energy testing, intuition & beyond!

Everything you need to know about how to:


  • sense and work with the energies of the human (and animal) body. 

  • energy test yourself, your family and friends or even your dog.

  • increase your intuition and ability to just ‘know’ what is needed to regain and maintain health and vitality.  

    Whether you’re a professional therapist or an energy ‘beginner’ you’ll find it enlightening, over this information packed class, as Madison shares tips and techniques, that have worked for her over the decades. 


  • Stir the sage within.

  • Give your 6th Sense a workout.

  • Have the confidence to go with that ‘gut feel’ when it happens.

  • Reconnect to that Wise One Within.

    As always, Madison’s teaching is fun and playful, but will also bring a new depth, understanding and dimension to working with energies – her aim is to help you step up to the next level of being an authentic ‘Energy Sensitive’ and to truly trust yourself to dance with the energies.


This was a 3-day class Madison taught in Arizona in 2018. The full recording and a great handout is available via this link



EEM PRACTIONERS – this is good for CTs! 

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