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Practical tips and techniques to preserve and protect your eyesight

Do you or any of your loved ones, friends, or clients want to maintain optimum eye health, but are not quite sure where to start or what to do?


Then this class is for you. It's packed with practical tips and techniques to improve, maintain, and nurture your eyes. Based around energy medicine, lifestyle, and nutrition, Maddie will share acupressure points to hold, reflex points to massage, exercises to try, and even explore the psychological blocks that may impact eyesight.


For most of us, general eye health and eyesight deteriorate as we age. It's a fact. With increased 'screen time,' we are demanding even more from our eyes on a daily basis. Some might argue too much screen time is causing premature deterioration of our eyes and vision. 


There are many things we can do to slow down this decline; from working with the energies connected with the eyes, to uncovering and reprogramming unconscious mental blocks associated with sight, to supplements and some lifestyle choices.


Rest assured that everything should benefit you in some way, but if you, like me, don't have 25 hours a day to devote to your eyes,  choosing those few things that you really sense support your eyes is the sensible option. This eye plan has to fit in with your lifestyle demands. Maddie shares a novel way of identifying exactly what is the most efficient eye technique for your eye each day.


Very few of the things shared are 'condition-specific' - most will offer the potential of some improvement to any eye condition as it's all about moving the energy and oxygen/nutrient-rich blood to the eye area to encourage self-healing and healthy regeneration of cells, along with flexibility of the eye muscles.


COST £22.50 for a 53-page digital PDF handout with replay link to the 100-minute class embedded on the front cover. So a one-stop package.


Take the first step towards preserving and protecting your precious eyesight


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