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About Madison


“Madison is an extraordinary woman and healer. 

She carries an essence of the highest quality and caring, of camaraderie of spirit, wisdom, compassion and depth of understanding of the healing realms. To train with her, online or in person, is something you will never regret” 


Donna Eden (USA) – The Eden Method 


An internationally recognised master practitioner, teacher, writer and educator in the field of natural healthcare. Madison has an inherent ability to simply sense, ‘know’ and work with energy and for more than 30 years literally thousands of students, clients (and their pets) have benefited from working with this authentic ‘wise woman’. Her vision is to share secrets and techniques she has learnt along the way with anyone who has the desire to activate and empower their healing abilities - be it for self-care, loved ones, clients or our animal companions.

A keen horsewoman when younger, she has always lived with her 4-legged companions! And it was a natural progression over the years, that what she used for her own self-care translated seamlessly over to her animals. It is now one of her favourite ‘wisdoms’ to share.

As a speaker, she has appeared on national UK television and done numerous radio interviews. She has also lectured at Westminster and Oxford universities and many UK Mind Body Spirit festivals and conferences

As a writer, she has 7 books and over 100 articles published. 

She organises regular retreats on the Isle of Wight and in Southern Spain. When not off on the road teaching, she enjoys dividing her time between these two magical places. Indulging her love of walking in the mountains and along the beaches with her dogs and replenishing her batteries with regular Yoga and Pilates classes. 

But there was another Madison! 


A Madison who forged a successful career in mainstream London advertising. So, she certainly understands the demands of the business world. All highly enjoyable for a young woman but as an ‘energy sensitive’ Madison felt the inevitable pull to a different way of ‘being’ and left the glitz and glamour to pursue a career in natural healthcare just as the whole area was opening up in the UK and USA. 


She trained with some of the key trailblazers of that time, on both sides of the Atlantic [in disciplines ranging from reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, Trager, nutrition, flower essences, radionics and more]. The teacher who had the most influence and impact and has become a friend and mentor is Donna Eden – The Eden Method. Madison was one of her original students, then a founding faculty member of EEM USA where she now oversees and teaches the Advanced Year 4 training and sits on the EEM Council responsible for maintaining the integrity and evolution of the work. In addition, she set up and runs the official European training for Donna. 


She is well known for her ability to take complex theories and make them easy to understand and practical to apply, leaving her students (either in person or online) inspired, motivated and definitely wiser and more empowered.


" Undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding sages of energy education of the modern times. Madison shines with gentle humour, a witty mind, and a generous heart. 

Her knowledge is extensive, her skills brilliant and her leadership immaculate. 

I love immersing myself in her teachings. She and her classes are magical, you feel her passion for her work as she guides you with intelligence and love and before you know it, it’s become your passion too.” 

Eva Gold (Toronto) 

EEM Advanced Practitioner and Teacher 

“What makes Madison stand out in the Energy Medicine World is how generously, clearly (and with great humour)she shares her deep insights and intuitive knowledge – she truly wants everyone to know and embrace their own individual talents and gifts and offers each of us the tools to do just that”. 

Kim Dowdell 


Vision for Living – The Vagus Nerve Method 

“I haven’t really got the time to go on courses, but I love Madison’s online offerings – it means I can study in my own time and pace – bespoke wisdom sharing! "


Kleshna Handel 

Jewellery Designer 


“Maddie manages to enable, empower, inspire and motivate - so that working with her is a breath of fresh air” 


Alix Robins 

Restaurant and hotel owner 


"Madison King has the ability to transform energy medicine concepts into practical guidelines in a very professional and supportive way. She carries an energy of warmth and kindness that makes anyone feel safe and right at home. Combine this with her vast knowledge and you have an amazing teacher. It has been my privilege to be her student" 

Dr. João Paulo Pestana Clinical Psychologist and EEM-AP 

"Madison has such a wealth of knowledge and experience and an incredible ability to impart that knowledge to her students. Her joy, passion and sense of humour creates a relaxed and light-heated learning environment that inspires a positive attitude and confidence. Madison encourages, supports and nurtures those under her tutelage, and I consider myself so fortunate to have studied under her." 

Mandy Johnson 

Cornwall, UK 

"Madison is a superb teacher. She has a clear style and a keen sense of humour which makes any class she teaches enormous fun. Her class handouts are generously detailed, comprehensive and relevant. Take her class - you won't regret it!"


Eleanor E 

Northants UK 


"Madison is an inspirational teacher with a great depth of knowledge her obvious enjoyment for the subjects she teaches and her great sense of humour all contribute to making learning with her a fun and uplifting experience. Her compassion and care ensure that everyone feels valued and included. I highly recommend Madison as a teacher and feel blessed that she has been there to help me on my path."

Helen Critchley 


"Madison has the ability to make you feel at ease with everything she teaches. She embodies the essence of calm. Being taught by Madison engages the senses on all levels."

Heidi Grillo 



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