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Madison's Mentoring

Madison offers a bespoke online mentoring intended to support:

  • Maddie’s Modules. Support that will enable you to really ‘get it’ and expand your skills, intuition, knowledge and ability to sense and work with energy. 

  • your personal self-healing. To help you develop a ‘personal plan’ to regain your energetic equilibrium to enable your inner healer to flourish, your emotional wounds to mend, your excess weight to be released or simply to help you find your direction in life. 

  • and enhance the EEM training at all levels. From one simple aspect of the training that has you puzzled or to review a specific class or even the entire training. 

Contact Madison to discuss your needs, so that a plan can be tailored to your own unique needs. 


Online Mentoring Fees

Quick question (15 mins) £25/30Euros/$35 

30 mins £40/48Euros/$55 

45 mins £55/65Euros/$75 

60 mins £70/85Euros/$95 


If you have a friend that would like to join you on your mentoring session, simply add £10/10Euros/$10 per friend (whatever the length) 


Please note that major currency fluctuations will be considered.

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