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What is Madison's Medicine ?

Empowered Self-Care

It’s a fast track to being the best you can be. As Steve Tracy said: “To making the rest of your life the best of your life”.

It’s Madison’s own unique fusion of: 


a) Ancient wisdoms that have helped human well-being for more than 5,000 years, based around the flow of energy through the body (e.g. acupuncture, qigong, yoga and the 5-Element philosophy) 


b) Modern day, common sense advice on lifestyle choices such as: what to eat, supplementation, exercise, stretching, breathing (essential!) flower essences, essential oils. 


The rich Aladdin’s Cave of wisdom and inspiration at our fingertips today, can sometimes seem almost overwhelming. With Maddie’s guidance comes clarity. 


After decades of working in natural healthcare, she successfully manages to incorporate different disciplines and teachings. Seamlessly weaving them together in a fun, unpretentious format so that anyone can tap into the wisdom, empowering their own self-care and pet care.


(Madison’s Medicine is great with your PET too, so look out for her blogs and classes on pet care.  Outlined in Madison's Medicine for Pets).
























Nothing is hidden behind jargon or waffle. 


Everything is geared towards providing practical advice that is easy to follow and that works. 


Madison’s profoundly passionate about, and committed to, sharing work that truly empowers the individual to fall in love with, and master, the art of self-care to: 


  • help resolve physical and emotional challenges 

  • cultivate resiliency and immunity 

  • reduce the impact of stress on the body 

  • re-establish balance of the mind, body and spirit 

  • support you on the journey back to health 

  • make it easier to maintain health once you’ve regained it 

  • regain joyful vibrancy 

  • be the best you can possibly be 


Whether you are a curious newcomer to the self-care arena or a seasoned natural healthcare professional, there will be something here to help you hyperlink to the next level. 


For any energy medicine student or practitioner, there is the opportunity to deepen and expand your knowledge of the key energy systems and their techniques. Either being mentored on the curriculum or being introduced to more advanced aspects of those techniques with the online modules. 


Two of the online courses are valid for EEM CT (Continued Training) to maintain practitioner status.

While we can’t see energy, it does exist! 

We can’t see the wind, but it’s there. 

We can’t see electricity, but we know it powers our lives. 

We can’t see TV, radio, phone, internet, microwave or X rays 

but they all exist. 

We may not see the energy, but we can feel, 

with all our senses, the effects. 

Learning to connect with, and move, the energy is a crucial cornerstone to releasing your Healer Within and 

regaining/maintaining health. 

It’s been an integral part of our ancestors’ lives and without doubt will feature prominently in the medicine of the future.

What's 'Energy'?

What's the Future? 

While Madison has immense respect for modern-day medicine, it seems to be a sad fact that some European health systems are now faced with an overwhelming demand and are not able to efficiently and compassionately respond on a basic care level. They simply don't have the resources to cope with the demand. Could it be that the everyday medicine and recuperation support of the future be rooted in self-care? 


If we are going to thrive and flourish (as a species as well as individuals) it may become essential for us to take back responsibility for our own daily healthcare and return to the old traditional wisdoms built around natural and organic ways of working with the body’s energies to regain and maintain health. 




We live in exciting times and I'm optimistic about the future. The good news is that modern-day medicine is now awakening to the efficiency of some of the traditional ways, reassured by emerging research that validates the existence of the key energy systems and their effect on the body and mind. As a result, we are beginning to see the rise of integrated medicine that embraces the best of both worlds in a responsible, ethical way. Yes, there are challenges to our health that our ancestors never had to face, BUT with empowered self-care you can help your body cope with the stress of a fast-paced life and contemporary threats such as 5G and other electronic ‘smog’ that it’s exposed to – we have to tools we just have to use them.

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