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Madison's Books

In response to her clients’ requests, Madison has written several small books, on specific subjects, all aimed at the ‘lay person’ – more are in the pipeline. In the meantime, take a look and see if any of the subjects interest you or someone you know – they make great gifts, particularly the ones for dogs and cats!

Some Amazon Verified Reviews:

STIFF JOINTS – “Well worth buying. Clear explanations with a good touch of humour. This booklet covers a full range of treatment. Highly recommended.” 

EVERYDAY ENERGY – “Everyone should have this book in their collection, it is a must. Brilliant, well written, simple to follow, buy it.” 

“Madison King is a wonderful communicator and a superb teacher of energy techniques.Highly recommend reading her work - it's full of valuable insights and practical tips.” 


MONEY IS NOT A FOUR LETTERED WORD – “Great book, with great techniques. Madison definitely knows her stuff and explains it in a clear, easy to understand fashion”. 

COPING WITH CANDIDA – “This little book is an Aladdin’s cave of information and tips on how to deal with Candida. It also contains clear descriptions of the simple but incredibly powerful Energy Medicine techniques she teaches which can do wonders to help you cope with the difficulties of working through this debilitating and frustrating problem. Madison writes with warmth, humour and understanding, and having consulted her on this problem many years ago, I know that these strategies work!!! An invaluable little self-help book”. 


ENERGY MEDICINE FOR YOUR DOG – “I love this book and the author’s experiences!! I was in London studying healing energy work with cats, dogs and horses this summer. This book along with the same for cats are a must for working with rescue animals. Thank you, thank you.” 

ENERGY MEDICINE FOR YOUR CAT – “This stuff works!! And the author gives the money to a worthwhile charity - Win/win.” 


YOU’VE GOT GUTS – Be the first to review this little book.

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