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It’s time for one of the most exciting health re-discoveries: something the ancients knew was core to survival. 



Do you find yourself relating to any of these? 


· easily distracted, forgetful and clear focus is a thing of the past 

· unduly clumsy 

· over-analyse and procrastinate 

· become a bit of a ‘drama queen’ 

· are sad, depressed or simply feel disconnected 

· worry and anxiety are a perpetual theme in your everyday life 

· find the balance between being inspired and the material world is lost 

· begin to suffer from poor circulation, stiff joints and tiredness 

· work surrounded by electronic equipment 

· travel by car, train or plane a lot – be it the daily commute or a one-off long-haul fight 

· find your immunity is not what it should be, and you are constantly catching colds or have problems that never quite resolve themselves. The body can’t seem to shrug them off.


Well, grounding can help you with any of these and more, the benefits of being truly grounded fill a full page. 


So, what is ‘grounding’? An electrical device is “grounded” when it is connected to the ground in a way that allows excess energy to leave the system. As humans, we could be said to be grounded in various ways, described by Donna Eden as: 


· PHYSICALLY GROUNDED when we can feel our connection with the Earth and carry ourselves (posture, movement, awareness) in a manner that is in harmony with the Earth’s gravitational pull. 

· EMOTIONALLY GROUNDED when our energies and emotions move through our physically-grounded body freely and are wholesomely discharged through our cells, our breath, our thoughts, and our actions. 

· SPIRITUALLY GROUNDED when a physically-grounded body and an emotionally-grounded mind are in harmony and alignment with one another and with “spirit” (the animating force within living things). 

· MENTALLY GROUNDED in the present moment. 


UNGROUNDEDNESS seems to be developing into an epidemic in the Western world. As we advance technologically, we appear to be slowly losing our instinctive connection with Mother Earth, her wisdom, energy and the benefits she bestows. 

Maddie delves into her Madison’s Medicine toolbox to share some of her favourite techniques that have worked for her and her clients over the decades. As she will take up to 24 flights a year, some of them long-haul, she has had to perfect the art of connecting to Gaia to help her body cope. 

COST – to celebrate this as #1 launch module, we are offering it at a ‘special’ price of £18. You will receive an 80-page pdf handout, supported by You Tube clips and an online webinar you are free to join, or watch the recording. DON’T FORGET you have access to the MIDLIFE GODDESS closed/private Facebook Page where you can ask questions and network with other barefoot revolutionaries! Also enjoy any new video clips or snippets of information I may post to support Barefoot Revolution. 

The Barefoot Revolution

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