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SOLVING THE MYSTERY - A practitioner master class Taking your treatments to the next clinical level 


Created exclusively for Natural Healthcare Practitioners, and students by Madison King and Kim Dowdell 


£110 for 6 hours of class replay with comprehensive notes 


In energy work we have amazing treatments and protocols that can achieve profound results. However, does it seem that your work sometimes doesn’t deliver the desired outcome? Kim and I draw on our joint 60 years' clinical and teaching experience in the Natural Health Field to explain why and what, you can do to achieve those desired results. 


In traditional Five Element Acupuncture, the concept of flow is fundamental and Kim will introduce some essential 5 Element understandings that need to be in place to ensure the effectiveness of treatment techniques.


Even the best techniques can be undermined and ultimately fail to bring real improvement, if a 'Constitutional' level of imbalance exists in part of the flow. This can often go undetected and significantly undermine your treatments.


Fibrocystic breast tumours, eating disorders, heart and chest pain, anxiety, depression, allergies, digestive disorders and many other illnesses and chronic conditions can have a root cause, or be exacerbated by, basic and often undetected energetic blocks. This class explores these blocks and how to treat them by blending Energy Medicine and Acupuncture techniques.


Over the years, I developed a way to identify and reprogramme any deep-rooted fear-based psychological blocks to treatment. Over the past decades I’ve used it with many hundreds of clients, with consistent success.


It is another area that is often underestimated or even ignored but one that once explored, never dismissed again! Suddenly your treatments are meeting, or even exceeding, expectations, they are delivering results that truly impact the self-healing of your clients.


Do you sometimes find the way to proceed in a treatment is not clear?

We all experience that sometimes, when the body and its energy is reluctant to reveal itself and its needs. Kim will share a technique she has used over the years to help reveal the way forward in the treatment.


Bring different styles to your clinical work:

What can we learn from Toya Hari acupuncture?

What part does our own Heart Protector meridian play in our treatments?

What can the 6 Divisions show us?

How do they enhance our work?

What’s so special about the relationship between Triple Warmer and Gallbladder?

What if you could fast-track the clearing of energy stagnation?


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