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FIT FACE a 10 hour online class


£125 – 10 hours of replay/80+ page pdf electronic handout


Our face is a window to the World’. Is your ‘window’ slowly beginning to droop, sag or develop fine lines? Or perhaps you worry about that happening?


FIT FACE, developed and presented by Kim Dowdell and Madison King, explores the energy reasons for facial aging and provides practical answers.

With FIT FACE techniques you will not only get a full facial workout it can also have profound and unexpected benefits for the entire body. Your meridians, chakras, facial muscles, skin, Vagus and cranial nerves will all get a treatment.


Between them Kim and Maddie cover key cosmetic acu-points, energy medicine techniques, essential oils and how to mix a facial blend, basic face-reading and a host of tips, all presented in a fun and engaging way.


Perfect for yourself or shared with others. It’s like a daily gym workout for your face; a complete facial ‘tune up’ that brings both the ultimate relaxation and also an energy boost for face and body.


FIT FACE ONLINE comprises of a comprehensive pdf manual that contains links to ten hours of recorded class time. So, you can watch at your leisure.


Enjoy and if you have any questions at all simply email Madison via the website.

FIT FACE a 10 hour online class

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