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£135 for 9 hours of class replay and comprehensive notes, all 92 pages! 


Why do some people look great? 

· They may be older, 

· they may have wrinkles, 

· they may have a bit of ‘drop’ or even ‘sag’, 

· they may not be ‘classically’ beautiful, 


But they ARE beautiful, they have that ‘certain something’, 

What is it? 

Can we cultivate it? 

We think so – and my friend Kim and I want to share what we’ve discovered with you! 

Enjoy, at your leisure, the 9 hours of recorded class and comprehensive notes. 


You may have noticed that there is another Fit Face available, while there is a slight overlap between the two of the key basics, Fit Face II has a good 85% of new material and between the two, well, you have everything you need for a fit face! 


In Fit Face we take a step back from what today’s youth-oriented society defines as beauty: the Botox, fillers, trout lips, lifts, skin peeling, airbrushing, statement eyebrows. We defy that definition and invite you to be the ‘AUTHENTIC YOU’ and generate a radiant beauty of your own. 


Fit Face is like a daily gym workout for your face; a complete ‘tune up’ that brings both the ultimate relaxation and energetic rejuvenation for face and body. 


‘Our face is a window to the World’ 

Is your ‘window’ slowly beginning to droop, sag or develop fine lines? 

Or perhaps you worry about that happening? FIT FACE explores the energy reasons for facial aging and provides practical answers. 

· slow the process, 

· boost a special radiance, 

· begin to love what you see in the mirror! 



FIT FACE is a multi-faceted approach, including: 

ACUPRESSURE BEAUTY SECRETS – 21+ acupoints to beautify your face and body. 

WRINKLES, BAGS, SAGS, JOWLS, AGE SPOTS, PORES, DARK CIRCLES, PUFFINESS AND BLOAT! - it’s all in your meridians and muscles. 


FACE READING – our faces speak our energy! How to translate the language of your face. 

THE 5 ELEMENTS – we are all a unique mix of the 5 elemental energies, find out how they ‘create’ your face. 

GETTING HANDS ON – using a combination of facial massage and energetic lifting, to return that special ‘bloom’ to your face. 

GETTING SERIOUSLY STIMULATED with facial exercises and Indian head massage. 

HEALTH HEROS FOR THE SKIN – supplements, carrier oils, infusions and nature’s gifts to skincare. 


FRAME YOUR FACE – how glasses, hairstyle, earrings and necklines help shape your face. 

MASK YOUR FACE – let’s get natural. 

BUILDING CONSISTENCY in your Fit Face practice is the key to success – so how do you do it? 

PROGRAMME RADIANCE – believe you are beautiful and the world will see you so. 


BEAUTY SLEEP – how to get enough. 

HORMONE HOLDING for problem skin. 

WHAT’S ON OUR DRESSING TABLE? – find out the beauty products and ‘toys’ we rate. 

MAKE UP MAGIC with Maddie!

Fit Face II

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