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Maddie’s Online Module


The essential guidebook to reconnecting with the Wise One Within.


Would you like ………….


  • a way of knowing exactly what lifestyle choices to make, to get you to a level of optimum health?
  • clear directions through the labyrinth of conflicting health ‘news’ available today?
  • to feel more connected to your inner ‘knowing’?
  • to feel you have mastered the art of energy testing?
  • to know my Top Tips for energy testing?
  • an introduction to my cunning alternative to energy testing?
  • know more about pendulum dowsing?


The 79-page document is filled with information + links to videos and blogs. There is also a filmed Q&A. Altogether this online Maddie’s Module gives you the tools to truly empower your self-care.


It pulls together a technique I’ve used for many years to identify the hidden FEARS behind most of our problems and dis-eases. Address that fear, discover what’s standing in your way, reprogramme your beliefs and watch problems begin to evaporate.


Discover an alternative to energy testing that came about when I realised that so many Energy Medicine students and practitioners ‘secretly’ harboured an insecurity and lack of confidence in their own (highly subjective) self-testing. My little technique is easy, quick, fun, free and most of all, it’s reliable.


For those who love and feel confident energy testing, I’ve shared my top tips that really do make a difference to the accuracy of your testing – you’ll feel you truly are mastering this art and skill.


Lastly, I’ve shared a beginner’s guide to pendulum dowsing, largely because so many times over the past decades people have asked me about this ancient art.


This is a great module for anyone serious about building their repertoire of self-care tools and techniques and connecting to that wisdom and ‘knowing’ each of us possess.

Conversations with the Wow

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