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6+ hours of class recording with handouts (80+ pages) and 1hr bonus recorded Q&A 


Summer 2021 Maddie couldn’t hold her usual annual Pet Parent retreat on the Isle of Wight, so she went online, and this is the result. Over 7 hours in total of class replay supported by full notes, covering key challenges you may face with your animal companion: fleas, ticks, skin problems, heart, kidney, grief, spinal problems, pre and post-surgery care, emotional problems such as aggression. 

Practical tips and techniques that you can do yourself, at home, in complete confidence that they are safe, simple and will support your animal companion’s health and well-being. 

Maddie weaves in wisdom from energy medicine, flower essences and simple hands on touch techniques. 

Classes are available as individual purchases if you only have interest in one particular issue.

Summer School For Pet Parents - Complete Collection

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