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Lung Health & Coping with Grief


£25 – 2 hours of replay/70+ page pdf electronic handout


· Are you often breathless?

· Do you doubt the resilience of your lungs?

· Do they feel particularly vulnerable to Covid?

· Would you like to know simple, quick and effective ways

· to improve breathing?

· Are you in recovery and need to regain lung function?

· Do you suffer COPD or struggle with breathing?

· Are you working your way through GRIEF?

· Do you feel stuck in loss?

· Do you find it difficult to let go and move on?


We’ve all felt one of the above, it’s more common than you think.


Don’t despair, know that there really is something you can do to improve and support your lung health and strengthen this vital first line of defence against external pathogens.

In this 2-hour online class, Maddie will share self-empowering energy medicine based tips and techniques for the ultimate lung self-care class. Especially important when confronted with the Covid challenge.


Prompted by a recent loss of her own, Maddie offers a short but useful section to help you gently navigate your way through grief. None of us can escape loss, be it of a loved family member, friend or pet, youth, a house, career or even health. Learn how to support yourself during these raw and difficult times in life.


Enjoy and if you have any questions at all simply email Madison via the website.

Lung Health & Coping with Grief

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