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This  1½ hour class is  packed full of techniques that have been tried and tested by me over the decades and that WORK for me. I can’t claim to be an originator of them, perhaps an enthusiastic ‘tweaker’, but they have come from some of the pioneering trailblazers in the field of vibrational medicine, people such as Donna Eden, Dr Emoto, Florence Schovell-Shinn, Stuart Wilde, Louise Hay and John Thie.


I hope to inspire you to unlock your potential as an energetic beacon, attracting the right people and situations into your life and enhancing your self-care. 


Most of all I want you to enjoy the process, have fun, build belief and confidence in your own inherent ‘word wisdom’ and ability to create a truly empowered energetic ‘echo’ that will ripple out into all aspects of your life; to be an authentic ‘agent of change’. 


We will cover: 

  • The essential elements of constructing your statement – the basic recipe
  • Dealing with the #1 roadblock to results
  • Enhancing with tapping 
  • Working with the Gatekeepers to be more receptive
  • Working with 2 powerful agents of change: The Regulator and Penetrating Flows
  • Chatting with both hemispheres
  • Enlisting the 5 Elements to support you in what you seek
  • A simple way to motivate meridian energies to sing from your song-sheet
  • Encouraging chakra support
  • 'Abundance' specific
  • Working  animal companions   
  • Nuances that make a difference

UNLOCK THE POWER OF WORDS developing ‘word wisdom’

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