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The Bitesize Blog

Fast track to empowered self-care!

Little ‘bites’ of wisdom: book reviews, where to buy great ‘tools’, animal care, weight loss, essential oils, flower essences, stretching, skincare, energy work, finding joy in life, working with Nature, lifestyle choices and of course, inspirational to nourish your soul. 


Think of it as joining your very own ‘self-love club’ where you can fall in love with self-care and you! Self-care is where you take your power back. After all, what did Oscar Wilde say? “to love oneself is the start of a lifelong romance” 

It’s a little moment every now and again when you can unplug and escape the chaos and chatter and awaken your inner Wise One Within – I call her WOW and she’ll be spotlighted regularly. 


“An empty lantern provides no light. 

Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly.” – Unknown

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