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This exercise stimulates the neurolymphatic points relating to the Lung and Large Intestine [associated in Oriental philosophy with 'letting go'] and draws on the power of visualisation to release negative elements [and people] from your life enabling you to cut the guy ropes to the past and move on and LIVE LIFE! this is one of a number of tools I discuss in the LUNG & GRIEF class see but it can be used for anything in your life.

As with all exercises, get 'grounded' with both feet firmly planted on the floor/ground, couple of deep breaths, smile, rub your hands together and shake them off.

  • Firmly massage down the breastbone

  • Move fingers to either side of the bone and massage firmly upwards

  • Repeat 3 times

  • Firmly massage down the outside of the thigh [where the trouser seam sits], in a straight line from top of thigh to just above the knee. You can do both thighs at the same time.

  • Repeat 3 times

  • Take a deep breath and relax

  • Bring to mind the person, situation, negative element or emotion you want to release from your life

  • Exhale and imagine you are blowing him/her/it out of your inner depths

  • Repeat 3 times

Now for the extra piece of magic that really makes this work ......

  • Cup hands together in front of chest/neck area and imagine the person, situation, or representation of the emotion sitting there in your hands – about the size of a chess piece

  • Inhale deeply and as you very slowly exhale, visualise him/her/it being blown away, scattering into the wind and disappearing into the distant horizon.[1] At the same time thinking “xyz leave my life, in love and in the most divine way – GOODBYE, go in peace

  • Take a couple of deep breaths and smile – try ending with the exercise empty out and zip up

Words and thoughts are not the only tools at your disposal. Your ability to visualise, using all your senses can help you overcome anything; as is the option of calling in your angels, guardians and guides to help you rid your life of this negative element that serves for nothing. Sometimes negativity in our life is a tough teacher, but once we have divined the lesson we need to encourage it to leave. Remember: yes a bad 'experience' can be a great teacher but don't let it become a 'default habit'!

Close your eyes and create a vision, in glorious Technicolor, of yourself as you would like to be: filled with energy, health, happiness, peace, love, laughter, positivity, joy, gratitude and optimism. Involve all the senses. Hold this vision of you firmly in your mind. Light in spirit rather than bogged down with regrets; living in the present moment rather than spoiling it with memories of the past and worries of the future. With a little time, effort and commitment, this vision will become your reality

So whatever season it is. Bring it up from your depths, give it a form and blow it away with love. Smile, turn your face to the sun, give thanks for letting go.

[1] Needless to say, this is not an exercise to be done in front of your mirror!

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