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Hi everyone

Thank you for joining me live this evening – or on the replay.

Before I forget, here’s the Dropbox link to the 30 minute replay.

During our 30 minutes together we….

Did a quick review of the 4 self testing techniques that I use:

1. Body pendulum

2. Quadriceps

3. Stick test

4. My lovely jug

If these are new to you – they’ve all on my you tube channel – maddie king

I’ve already showed you how to self test food – check out the self testing section on my website blogs if you missed it as well as the You Tube videos mentioned above.

Today was in response to some of you asking how energy testing can help with weight loss. We can 'dismiss' any weight issue as not being particularly 'spiritual', as perhaps being 'superficial', but you know? so much energy can be taken up with worrying about weight, so much stress can be put on the body by coping with excess weight (knees, organs etc.,) that in actual fact, it can be a core issue for us to deal with - compassionately. Once we deal with it, and we can, all that energy is released to help our bodies heal, maintain health and pursue our spiritual quest. So I ask you ...


Well, maybe we don't have to go quite so deep, but you catch my meaning!

Here are some tips for using energy testing to be a true blue WEIGHT LOSS WARRIOR !

We all know what we should be eating for healthy nutrition

We all know how much we should be eating to maintain a healthy body weight or lose some of these excess pounds

We know it – so why don’t we walk our talk? Why don't we do it? We are all intelligent beings.

Your first step is to find out if your mini-me wants to let go of those excess pounds or hang onto them!

Self test this statement ….

It is now safe for me to lose my excess weight

If you are weak, then your mini-me, for whatever misguided reason, doesn’t feel it’s good for you, safe for you, to lose those extra pounds. She'll therefore sabotage you every step of the way and some of her tactics are very very cunning: from making you think it's all a load of 'tosh', to somehow making you forget about energy testing altogether, through to outright resistance.

If you are strong – well she’s on board but perhaps both of you could use a bit of inspiration to increase the support she provides.

TO GET HER (sorry boys - and 'him') on board do this ....

Left hand over heart and with the middle finger of the right hand lightly tap the base of the index and little fingers, at the same time breathing, smiling and saying:

It is now safe for me to lose my excess weight – all is well

One can explore more deeply, infact, I have various other affirmations, but let’s keep it simple at this stage.

I do type out and laminate (of course) my affirmations – I have about six distributed ll over the house and whenever I see one, I tap and make an affirmation …. Even if it’s simply "I can do this!"

The one I shared with you this evening was one that sometimes I say in its entirety and sometimes just parts of it:


Second step – set the intention that you seek the truth and what you do with that truth is entirely your choice. It’s only information. We do this to help remove any emotional charge around the food. The calmer we can be when testing the more accurate the results.

Third steptest before you ingest! Anything that suits your body chemistry will not put on weight but – and this is the big thing – quantity is important.

(Full guidance on how to energy test foods, brands etc., can be found in previous blogs.)

So, for example, I test before I ingest (most of the time!) But have to admit my portions are that of a 6’4” 20 year old rugby player, so my particular challenge is reducing the quantity of food.

Guess what?

Yes, you can test the optimum quantity. So, for example if you are a chocoholic you may find that ONE square of a particular brand of chocolate is accepted and processed by your body with no problem whatsoever BUT go over that amount and the body gets stressed and weight gain is a possible result.

Say 'x' (I used the lemons today) tests strong – keep testing quantity until you go weak – go back one and that will be he maximum quantity you can eat, after which, however good it is for you, however well it matches your body chemistry, it will add to your excess weight ………. It could even be a lettuce leaf. So to clarify: 3 lemons tested strong for me, the 4th tested weak, so therefore I should not eat more than 3.

You’ll find some things never seem to weaken you and that’s fine. At that moment in time, quantity is not an issue, within reasonable limits, although even spring water will eventually pass an optimum quantity and go from hydration to working against your body.

You body chemistry is constantly changing, so results can vary. I set the intention when I'm shopping of an average for the coming week. When I'm in my kitchen and about to prepare food, I test with the intention of what suits my body for the next hour or two.

Don't get too hung up on this - your body will guide you and patterns will definitely emerge.

Here in England we are all in lockdown right now. That, along with it being the real Yin time of year, has prompted me to go into a 6 week semi ‘lockdown retreat’ – where I’m taking much more time for my self care: walking, stretching, yoga, der, crystals, aura soma, essential oils … and test before I ingest – renew my enthusiasm.

Because I’m like a lot of you …

I know what do do …. But do I do it all the time???

Every now and again I have to re-connect with that mischievous little mini me and get her away from the cheese counter and back in the zone again!

So let’s all get ourselves back in that healthy lifestyle zone before Christmas ….. And lose a few excess pounds!

I'll do another free 30 - 45 minute Zoom call on Friday 11th December at 6pm London time to answer any questions and an opportunity for you to share your experiences. So put the date in your diary now.

In the meantime, EMPOWER YOUR SELF CARE and get tapping, affirming, testing your foods and quantities and HAVE FUN doing it. Take a snapshot of yourself right now: weight, tightness of trousers, mood, joint stiffness, bloatedness, skin etc., and objectively evaluate how you are in 4 weeks time - can you see and feel the difference? - and not just weight.

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