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A few years ago I was asked to write an article about my views on ageing (wasn’t quite sure if it was a complement or not!). Going through my files I found said article, revamped it a bit and have pleasure sharing it with you today.

It reflects the energy of the FIT FACE online workshop I teach with the lovey Kim Dowdell. Next one on 1st September, see link below.

The class and these top 10 tips, to be honest, are relevant for any decade – regain your sassy-ness: be lively, radiant, bold, cheeky and full of spirit!

1. Have the courage to embrace change and regularly re-evaluate your goals - don't get stuck or allow people's opinions to be your prison..... If you want to wear purple, orange and pink together, do it. Find and honour the REAL you. Allow others to do the same - don't judge. Nurture precious friendships, fill your life with people who make you laugh, are like minded and positive.

2. Retain your curiosity, enthusiasm and interest in others and new things, look to what the youth around you are doing.

3. Healthy eating habits and lots of hydration - but also a little naughty treat occasionally!

4. Cardiovascular exercise - keep everything moving in a way you enjoy. Remind yourself of the benefits of a brisk daily walk. Our bodies are designed to M O V E .

5. Stretch the body and mind, maintain flexibility and tone in both

6. Learn something new: language, poem or do a crossword, Sudoku or puzzle - our brains need a daily workout.

7. Smile, find the fun and laugh - it is the simplest form of Energy Exercise. Learn how to balance your own energies for better health and well being.

8. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and positive expectation. When you find yourself getting grumpy – STOP IT! Change track and think of something that makes you smile instead. It’s probably ‘not your monkey’ anyway – have the wisdom to let go of things you can’t change.

9. It's a matter of perspective: 70 seems ancient to a 20 year old and young to an 80 year old. There is no future in the past. In chasing youth you miss the beauty of this decade. Root yourself well and truly into the present moment, find the joy of 'now'. That way, in ten years’ time you won’t regret not enjoying this decade to the full.

10. But none of the above will truly help you stay sassy if you don't believe in yourself as a bold, spirited, beautiful, fabulous human being………………..

go to the mirror right now, and every day: smile, look deep into your eyes, call yourself 3 times and tell yourself you are loved, you are great, you are indeed SASSY!

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