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Are you sitting in the right direction?

  • Are you sitting right now in a direction that supports your energy?

  • How do you know?

  • Does it support your creativity and productivity?

  • Is it helping your health and mood?

  • Could changing the direction of your desk bring in more money and success?

  • Do you want to rev up romance in your life?

  • Fancy another insight into your personality?

Calculate your KUA number and from that the optimum directions to sit, work, walk or sleep, but don’t worry, if you are facing the ‘wrong’ way, your head won’t fall off. Be sensible, it’s only a nuance, so don’t feel you have to move all the furniture or divorce your partner because their Kua is a different direction.

Kua is a basic concept in Feng Shui and is calculated from your Date of Birth and Gender. The Oriental tradition believes that your year of birth influences certain aspects of you as an individual and that your life and potential can be enhanced by aligning with your Kua directional energy flow.

Kua directions also relate to the 5 Element personality types so can help define life lessons, strengths and challenges.

· Earth: The earth element governs the northeast and southwest sectors and the centre of your home or office.

· Fire: The fire element rules the south sector.

· Metal: The metal element governs west and northwest sectors.

· Wood: The wood element rules the east and southeast sectors.

· Water: The water element governs the north sector.

The formula is different for men and women. Here is a good Calculator link

Basically, for a woman:

· Take the year of your birth and add together the last 2 digits.

· If the result is 10 or more, add the 2 digits to reduce them to a single number, then add 5.

· If the result is 10 or more, add the two digits to reduce them to a single number

· This number is your personal KUA number.

For example: If you were born in 1960

6 +0 = 6

6+5 = 11

1+1 = 2 [your Kua number]

Now check out the table below to check out your best directions.

If you don’t have a compass handy, go on Google Maps and tap in your house, it will show a compass/direction indicator, so you can work out the basic directions.

Can you move your bed, so the crown of your head is facing a good direction? What about your desk, does it need a directional tweak? And the armchair where you read or watch television, does that need to be turned?

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1 Comment

Pat Ruta McGhan
Pat Ruta McGhan
Aug 27, 2021

So is it the direction your crown of head is facing at night? But in the day, it is the direction you are looking towards? Interesting to look around my house at my favorite places.

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