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Okay, so I wasn't sure if I should write this or not, but I decided to be authentic, honest and own up to being a Little Miss Piggy !

I've just finished an intensive 5 day online class during which I totally binged - and I'm talking major binge - on dark chocolate covered stem ginger biscuits. I'd bought them for the builder but he never even caught a sniff of them when he arrived yesterday! I then moved on to Ryvitas soaked in mayo and Marmite with crumbled feta cheese on top !!!!

Oh my little cheek pouches are tingling at the thought!!

It's so easy when you are under time pressure and stressed to get seriously lazy around food and I broke all the rules - if I'd been more organised maybe I would have heated up a bowl of soup or steamed some veggies at lunch break ..... but I didn't, I dived 100% splash into a weird form of 'comfort' eating. I am just pleased I didn't have too much high damage food in my fridge!

So today feeling puffy and sluggish and cross at myself - a real recipe for further diet damage, a danger that this way of eating could become default. We may know what to do, what choices to make but so often we go off at a complete tangent.

Many of us can feel like this, sometimes a little too often for our liking but there is an answer ...

It's a fresh start, a restart and clicking your reset button - sooner rather than later, and here's how you do it my friends.

Do it with me over the next 21 days (they say it takes that long to change a habit).

We are intelligent beings, we KNOW we shouldn't nourish our bodies with rubbish so why on earth do we do it? Where is that little voice of reason? We need to connect to that Wise One Within, access that wisdom and persuade our little interior Mini-me to reset back to a healthier default state.

All you have to do is talk to your Mini-me while at the same time doing 'something' to encourage her (or him) to listen, hear and feel inclined to agree .... so that 'something' has to feel good to her (or him).

Let's get the message first:

IT IS NOW SAFE FOR ME .............................................................. ALL IS WELL - THANK YOU.

You fill in the gap, so, for example, for the next 21 days mine is going to be this:




Add a smile so the endorphins flood out and Mini-me feels good around that statement and therefore more accepting.

TO THAT ADD anything that calms you.

I have my old standby:

  • left hand over the heart area

  • with the middle finger of my right hand I tap the area at the base of my little and ring fingers

Energetically this has the effect of calming your internal and external 'border guards' - making your conscious and that area beyond your conscious control (in which dwells Mini-me) way more receptive.

I'm putting it up on post note notes (well those that know me realise it will probably be laminated and pretty-fied) and put on my desk, by my bed, in the bathroom, by the kettle and whenever I see it I'm going to tap and repeat the statement a couple of times.

Why do I do this? because Mini-me can be a cunning little imp and quietly get to to forget to do your daily reprogramming. I would suggest you reprogramme as many times as you can - a dozen or so minimum a day.

WHAT'S THE BENEFIT? You are pressing your RESET BUTTON, you'll get into the right frame of mind, you will find yourself much more in the 'zone' and you set the energetic and emotional intention which has the potential to turn your 'vision' / 'wish' / 'desire' into a reality that manifests in your life.

So for me, it would be suddenly easy to make healthy choices, get organised, return to eating in my normal healthy way, lose weight, be consistent in my exercise etc., ..... no big deal. I will be 'reset' so it won't feel forced, it will feel natural and easy.

Is there something you'd like to achieve/change/restart?

Then join me and for the next 21 days work with YOUR RESET BUTTON.

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