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We've all heard the phrase and life rule: K.I.S.S.

  • Keep It Simple Sweetheart

  • Keep It Staggeringly Simply (Robin Sharma)


Do we pay enough attention to it?

I thought I followed the principle fairly well, until I really stood back and looked at my life last year and suddenly the curtain drew back and I realised I was anything but KISS and my life had become complex and busier than ever and I was becoming 'time poor'; not having enough of that precious 'yin' downtime, so vital to retaining balance. There is nothing wrong with giving out 100% so long as you replenish, rest and play 100% too. One has to get the balance right.

But you know that!

I don't necessarily blame myself for this, our whole society is speeding up, instant response a necessity, the 7 day week becoming normal and complexity encouraged, we speed up without even really knowing it over a period of time, it's like a merry go round that gets faster and faster as you cling on.

So stop the merry go round .....

This year I'm learning to cut the complexity, simplify and focus my energy on a few key things in my life that I absolutely love, that give me joy, make me smile .... which in turn means I'll be good at them + I'll be a nicer person to be around.

Simplicity is one of the secrets of a happy life.

Strip back the layers that have built up in your business and personal life, perhaps they 'snuck up' on you, without you even realising.

Simplicity Secrets that I work with ....

Define and stick to your boundaries - at work just take care of the things you are responsible for, you'll be able to give them the time and attention that they deserve. Don't be a 'carthorse', taking on everything from everybody in the secret hope that you will be 'liked', you'll spread yourself too thin and either end up exhausted and sick or doing nothing to the standard you'd like to achieve.

Want to get slimmer, fitter and healthier? - don't start off doing dozens of things at the same time, KISS. Change is hard at first but baby steps makes it easier and you'll be more likely to reach your goals with less angst.

KISS is doing one thing at a time and giving it enough time to do it well and/or to enjoy it to the full. Yes we all have to multi-task sometimes but it shouldn't be ALL the time.

KISS is (and I'm guilty of slipping on this one) creating time to actually sit quietly and read all the books ordered in the early hours from Amazon, rather than running out of space on your Kindle or building an attractive pile by the bed or desk!

So, simplify your schedule - be your own time manager and just focus on what you are doing when you are doing it. If not, you will end up flitting from one thing to another without achieving anything remarkable.

I remember a colleague of mine when I worked in advertising - very laid back chap, but then we all were in those distant days. He had the habit of starting the morning with a clear desk except for a mug of black coffee and the paperwork for one task that he was working on - no distractions. When I remember to do it, I'm much more productive. However if you look at my desk you'll realise I don't always get there!

Master the art of simplicity and you begin to gain mastery of your life, both business and personal.

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