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Starting a series of tips and techniques for clearing your 'space' be it your home, office or even car!

We often take a lot of time to look to our SELVES - our mind, body, emotions, spiritual seeker etc., but our environment, more than ever before, impacts these aspects of our selves.

This is first in a series of blogs that will look at different ways we can influence the space around us.

Just as it does in our body, old, stale, tired energies can stagnate in our living areas and over time can stress our energetic body. One very easy and totally free way of dealing with these tired energies is to open a window, a door - get fresh air flowing, give them an exit. Students of mine will know that I've always got a door or window open in class, even if it means people have to put on an 'extra layer' - because especially when in a gathering, all that energy needs space to move out, or there is a build up in the room that stresses the bodies.

Turn up music that gives you pleasure - but make it something with a peaceful vibe.

Clap around the room, especially in the corners of the room where energy can get stuck.

Doing this with the intention of asking the tired energies to depart, in the nicest possible way!

Light a good quality incense stick and wave it around the room, again pay attention to the corners, giving thanks for your home and asking for it to be filled with love, compassion, healing, kindness ... whatever you feel you, and it, needs.

So these can be your first port of call, over the series I'll explore smudging, crystals, oils and essences, sound, prayer - so many ways but for now, especially if this is new to you:

  • Throw open your windows

  • Put on your favourite Music

  • Clap around the room

  • Waft an incense stick

  • Set the energy

Simple as that - and 'feel' the difference.

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