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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SELF-TESTING (for you and your animal companion) REPLAY LINKS

In today's class I want to pull together, review and answer any questions on the blogs and classes I've done on self-testing over the past few months, so that you have everything in one place and crystal clear in your mind ... which means all you have to do is practice, practise, practise.

Here is the replay to today's one hour class:

Other blogs to visit (and look carefully most have video replay links): click on this for all the information on how to test yourself with food - make food your medicine! - click for replay link to the first module - pdf handout is and the follow up review class is - click for our second class - great for basic food testing - click for short blog on how to test for the timing re testing click for finding out how to self-test your supplements click for finding out how to surrogate your animal companion - especially useful with food/diet related skin problems and for overall natural healthcare. click on our Christmas time together, for the testing ' degree arc', tips on testing before you ingest and much more, replay to 50 minute video.

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