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SIMPLE SELF TESTING the written handout

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

PDF HANDOUT wouldn't actually attach to this blog, but I've taken out the key point. When you joined the website you should have had an automatic reply with access to your 5 free gifts, this was one of them ... There's an extra self test - THE STICK TEST. Enjoy


Welcome to this brief introduction to how to ‘energy test’ yourself. I hope this little guide will deliver big benefits as you gain confidence in your testing and it becomes an integral, empowering, part of your ‘self-care’.

I will go into more detail on how to test others or even your cat or dog, in another Mini-module. However, I feel quite strongly that this is such a useful tool that everyone should know how to at least do a basic self-test – so it’s my gift to you.

Don’t worry too much about the ‘science’ behind it at the moment, especially if you are new to testing …. Let go of judgements, pre-conceptions and enjoy experimenting, you’ll soon become proficient and trust this simple yet accurate hyperlink to your Wise One Within (W.O.W.); because that’s all it is, a bridge to your unique intuitive wisdom within. Our ancestors were directly connected to it, their very survival depended upon that wise intuition, they listened to it, they used it all the time and it was strongly attuned to the planet and their surroundings.

As technology leaps ahead, I suspect that we, as a species, are losing touch with that inner wisdom, it’s still there for sure, but we don’t bother to connect, we don’t have to, the world has become a safer place, we don’t need to know if a particular berry or mushroom is poisonous, our supermarket does that for us. We don’t need to sense the danger of a sabre-toothed tiger around the corner, the only tigers you’ll encounter are in the zoo now.

So, the access to the WOW slowly becomes obscured and shrouded due to lack of use – Energy testing bursts through, dispersing the obscurity and can dialogue with your WOW. “I’m here WOW – whatcha say to this little black berry?

So self-energy testing is a quick and easy tool to access that wisdom when you want to know if something nurtures you or depletes you, strengthens or weakens, supports or sabotages – be is a food, liquid, crystal, an energy exercise or even a thought – anything. It does NOT tell you if your boyfriend will ask you to marry him or what number will win the lottery, or what shares to sell/buy…. Sorry to disappoint you!

A tool to discover how your body reacts on a very basic level.

There are dozens of ways to self-test and everyone has their favourites – as they come into your orbit, try them all and see what suits you. I’m going to share the four that I use, so I can talk from personal experience about how to do them, knowing that they are accurate.

Try each of them and ‘feel’ which one talks to you with the most ease; then focus on just that one, mastering the technique and building belief in your ability to dialogue with WOW.

It must be said that you can influence these tests.

Be sure you are feeling as objective and neutral as possible. Tell yourself you are seeking the truth and what you do with that truth is entirely in your hands. It’s your choice. You are in control. Cultivate curiosity: wouldn’t it be interesting to ‘know’…………..

We aren’t asking a question we are simply assessing how what we are testing impacts our energy.


You will be using your body as a pendulum: stand, barefoot if possible, feet solidly on the floor, not too far apart, knees unlocked, take a deep breath.

· Place one hand over your solar plexus and the other hand over the first.

· Tuck your elbows into your sides.

· Close your eyes and say, “my name is Minnie Mouse”. Now, does your body sway forward or backward?

· Repeat the test but this time saying “my name is (your name)” – what happens?

Normally the body will sway forward toward the truth and away from an ‘untruth’. It will either be attracted or repelled.

However, rules are always made to be broken and some people buck this trend and reverse the sways. You may even occasionally vary over the course of a day, week, month. Using the Minnie Mouse test, you can establish your personal weak and strong sway for that day.

THE STICK TEST I never shared this with you, but it's very easy and there's a video link at the end of the pdf.

Was shown to me by Dr Michael Burt, ND. It is so discreet it can be used anywhere, anytime. In fact, a friend of mine who has been using it for years, can test the menu at any restaurant she visits, using this technique. Nobody realises she is selecting the healthy choice for her body.

Centre yourself and take a deep breath, shake your hands off, relax and rub the pads your index finger and thumb together, naturally, no real pressure. Now, as before, say “my name is Minnie Mouse” and observe what happens, do the fingers slide together more easily, or do they feel a little ‘stickier’? Repeat using your own name and observe what happens.

If you feel a marked difference, then this is a great test for you to practise as it is so easy and unobtrusive. Normally sliding more easily indicates a positive and feeling more friction, a certain ‘stickiness’ indicates a negative; or your fingers might go in a slightly different direction.


Testing the quadriceps muscle is not quite as convenient (as ‘the Stick Test’), but it is easy and reliable. I like using it when I am at home: sit straight on a chair, with feet firmly planted on the ground in front, the chair should neither be too high nor too low. Lift one leg slightly off the chair to isolate the muscles in the front of the thigh. Now, with the heel of your hand, press down on that knee, while the knee resists. If the leg stays locked take it as a strong result but if the leg goes down easily then it is a weak result. You can do it standing or lying down too.


This is definitely not a ‘portable’ self-test, but I have my jug filled with white beach pebbles on my kitchen surface at all times. It’s invaluable for quickly testing foods and it seems that when there is a definite weight offering resistance, its accuracy increases. This test is excellent to use with the emotional implications of ‘food addiction!

The secret to the success of this test is to get the weight of the jug EXACTLY right. You’ll know if it is, because you’ll be able to lift it easily when you say a ‘true’ statement and it will be almost impossible when you say a ‘false’ statement. If it’s not, then add more weight. Your arm needs to be straight and preferably at shoulder level. You can also do the Spleen test with the jug.

At my workshops this draws more ‘OMG’ moments than anything else. When they watch me demo it, I can see they are thinking ‘yeah yeah – boring.’ BUT once they get into that non-linear experience of feeling it, well, they are simply won over in a Nano second! Try it yourself right now.

Variations on a jug of pebbles (which is what I have)

· Basket of stones

· Large gallon bottle of water with handle

· Dumbbell

· Jug of coins

· Anything where you can easily adjust the weight.


The major thing that stands between you and a really good energy test is YOU. It’s not really the ‘conscious’ you, it’s your mis-guided MINI-ME. This is a part of you, outside your conscious control, with connections to your ego and WOW. Involved in your ‘survival’, this wise little gremlin can become mis-guided or mal-programmed and simply gets it wrong, viewing anything that upsets the status quo, or is an effort to heal, as a possible threat to your very survival. She means well but has it wrong.

It’s not just about safety and Mini-me, it can also be other issues she is dealing with and ….

1. WE make ET over-complex in our minds

2. WE judge ourselves

3. WE don’t think we are worthy or deserve to ET

4. WE are secretly competitive

5. WE are driven by our ego to ‘get it right’

6. WE fear ‘failure’

7. WE don’t want to venture outside our comfort zone

8. WE don’t believe we can do it

9. WE don’t think we are good enough to do it

10. WE fear getting it wrong

11. WE fear that people will laugh at us

You get the idea; it all becomes a ‘muddy’, confused and slightly chaotic landscape, not conducive to accurate self-testing.

While you can simply relax and feel confident that all roads will lead back to Rome and a balanced state of wellbeing. It might be useful to talk to Mini-me and encourage a feeling of safety around self-testing and for her to support rather than continually sabotage your efforts.

If one accepts that the opposite of ‘fear’ is ‘feeling safe’, whatever ‘fear’ is causing Mini-Me to undermine your efforts and making a clear and accurate energy test elusive, making her feel ‘safe’ will trigger the release of her negativity, bring her back to supporting you.

How do you make her feel safe? Tell her so while tapping certain acupressure points that reinforce that safety message.


At the same time tap either just on the lower edge of the cheekbones or place your left hand over your heart and tap at the base of your little and ring fingers, with the middle finger of the right hand. Remember to SMILE (and breathe).

Do for 30 seconds before you self-test.

So, you’ve been getting a difference between ‘Minnie Mouse’ and your name and one of the four tests is standing out as the one that seems to fit you with the most ease, that you feel talks to you most clearly.

How could you use this? Over the coming modules, you will be using it a lot to determine how energy is flowing, how your body is reacting, but for today, let’s practice with how a food affects you.

Simply place the food, say a sugar cube, apple or biscuit against your solar plexus and energy test. Is the test weak (i.e. as it reacted to Minnie Me test) or is it strong?

· Strong – no problem, your body is not stressed by metabolising that sugar cube, apple or biscuit.

· Weak – it is stressed, and you should therefore avoid the food for a few days and retest if you wish to eat it.

Now, if you were attuned to your WOW you would instinctively know that, but the energy test is like a little bridge over which you can connect with WOW, you literally ‘unmute’ her.

The more you energy test, the more you walk over that bridge, the less you will need it as the dust clears away and you regain that ancient ability to ‘tune in’ and ‘know’ what is beneficial to your health (and survival).

Have fun with this for a few weeks, testing your foods is a great way to gain confidence and so what if you get it ‘wrong’? your head won’t fall off if you eat a sugar cube!

Interestingly, as you gain confidence your tests get more accurate, which in turn give you more confidence – and so it goes on!

Check out my videos on You Tube demonstrating the four tests:

· THE JUG TEST – (an older version)




For a more in-depth discussion on energy testing ‘mastery’ you might enjoy this 2-hour webinar.

The 3-day energy testing class I gave in Phoenix in 2018 is now available online from Innersource, via this link ….

September 2019

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