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Energy testing for foods - getting the timing right

Very short blog to answer a question that does come up quite a lot when energy testing for foods - be it for humans or animals.


You are testing how their body energy/chemistry reacts to a substance - in this precise moment.

The energetic and chemical dance weaves and changes all the time - so the only true test is for NOW.

However, that's not practical, so what do you do if you can't test before you ingest every single mouthful?

If the person or animal is healthy overall - why not test once a week/fortnight/month, setting the intention before you test that you are testing the overall average reaction for the next week (or whatever time period you wish).

Keep a record and a pattern will begin to emerge of foods that are constantly testing biocidic and that would need to be monitored carefully to those that your body seems to metabolise with ease on a regular basis.

If there is a problem and you are trying to use food as a natural medicine then consider energy testing as often as is practical, be it once a day/5 days - whatever suits your lifestyle (otherwise it will be too much of a hassle and you won't do it). Again keep a record and monitor the trends.

Once you spot the trends you can be more discerning in your shopping choices.

So in summary - testing a food's impact on your body's energy/chemistry is more accurate the more often you do it. However, that doesn't invalidate the value of testing once a month versus every minute!

Keep it simple, make it easy to fit into your lifestyle and then you will do it!

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