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SELF TESTING STEP #2 class notes and recording

Updated: Sep 26, 2020


Link to class recording 14 May 2020

Welcome back.

Let’s review the first class ….

We looked at 3 key self-tests:

· Pendulum

· Quadriceps

· Jug

And in the follow up notes I introduced the Stick Test.

These are the tools, the mechanics of self-testing but are only as good as the preparation you put in. So, remember this is a three-step prep:

1. Grounding of your choice (and if you are not sure of how to ground, I have a module called Barefoot Revolution on the website)

2. Ensuring your Mini me is onside and not going to undermine the accuracy of the test. So, repeating the statement:

IT IS NOW SAFE FOR ME TO ENERGY TEST WITH EASE AND ACCURANCY, IT’S EASY, I’M DOING IT – HEY! I’M GOOD AT IT. Saying this while smiling and tapping on one hand held over the Thymus/Heart area.

3. Removing any residue of resistance or stress around the result of the test by saying: I SEEK THE TRUTH AND WHAT I DO WITH THAT TRUTH IS ENTIRELY MY CHOICE. IT’S ONLY INFORMATION AND I’M CURIOUS!

I hope you’ve been enjoying practicing the test/s that felt the easiest and most responsive to you.

Remember, testing is easy, you just need to practice, to make it part of your everyday life to develop it as an art and skill and one of the most empowering tools in your self-help tool box.

One of the very best ways to practice is with your food. Obviously if you suffer severe food allergies you would not use this at this particular stage.

Generally, the foods you have in your kitchen you enjoy and will not harm you. But wouldn’t you be curious to know those foods, at this precise moment in time add to your energy and well being and those that don’t?

You know how to determine a straightforward yes or no.

You could make food your medicine by ingesting only those things that result in a strong, positive test as you know your body will absorb, digest and process them with the minimum of stress and they will provide you with the nourishment and energy that is needed.

IN THIS STEP #2 I want to explore how you can take that one step further with the JUG self-testing technique. Why did I choose the jug, because I have found it to have the slight edge when dealing with foods and the possible emotional attachments/addictions. More difficult to fool the jug!

Ensure your jug (or whatever you have created) is the right weight to elicit a very clear yes and no.

Do your preparation (above) and tap the thymus to put you in a temporary state of balance.

· Take your first food sample and hold it against your solar plexus area

· Breath and jug test

Strong or weak?

If weak, it’s straight forward – it’s what we might call BIOCIDIC, it does not match your body chemistry at this precise moment in time, yes your body will probably metabolise it, but that processing will stress the body, taking valuable energy away from supporting the health and vitality of your organs and systems. Nothing major, a nuance, but add enough nuances together and over time it can be a problem.

So, don’t eat it today – treat it as suspect and test tomorrow.

Continuing this way, you will see a pattern emerge on each food, some may be weak 20% of the time, some 80% of the time. From this pattern, you’ll recognise the foods you need to monitor.

If strong, that’s great but in actual fact, if you started with a strong muscle all a strong test is saying is that IT’S NOT WEAK

But it could be either neutral i.e. it doesn’t really affect your energy at all


Strong because it’s super food for your body and is really energising

But at this stage you don’t know which

How do you find out?


Do the same test but from a weak state

Trace down from the forehead to the public bone slowly, deliberately, this will temporarily weaken your body because you are taking energy backwards along the Central Meridian.

So, in this ‘weak’ state – test the food again

If it now tests weak – it’s a neutral food, doesn’t do you good and doesn’t do you bad, we could call it BIOSTATIC.

If it now tests strong – Wow it had the power to take that weak muscle and make it strong! Today, at this moment in time, that food works for you, it’s BIOGENIC.

You can now identify if a food is

BIOCIDIC in which case, for today anyway, you avoid it. It’s not in time, it’s not dancing well with your body chemistry.

BIOSTATIC – it is inoffensive, it doesn’t weaken or strengthen you – you could eat it, but biostatic foods should not really exceed 20% of your diet if you are using food as your medicine.

BIOGENIC – Ideally everything you eat should be strengthening in this way. The body will process it with ease, and you will see the effect physically and emotionally.

TEST BEFORE YOU INGEST is possibly one of the most powerful-self help tools you can have and it’s free, quick, easy and can be powerful juju.


The ideal is every single meal.

The reality is whenever you can, it has to fit practically into your life. So perhaps you’ll have some time out at home and for a few days you can indeed test before you ingest.

In ‘normal’ (when we get back to it) life – you may only be able to do it on certain meals during the day.

Just do it when you can.

Observe the patterns that emerge over time


For the next couple of weeks just get used to this simple self-testing with your foods.


We’ll meet up on Tuesday 26th May at 6pm Madrid time. On this link:


Join Zoom Meeting

We’ll cover - testing for brands, quantities, synergy, raw or cooked, times of day to eat and the nuances and fine tuning that can give you a little more flexibility.

Keep testing, every day, all day, and by the time we meet again you’ll be much more in touch with what nourishes and strengthens your body, which supports and encourages vitality, uplifts your mood, improves sleep etc., You’ll be more confident with the mechanics of it all and you’ll be ready to move on to Step #3.

Love Maddie

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