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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

This is an incredibly useful tool in your natural pet care kit. I've used it with horses, cats and dogs with huge success.... and anyone can do it!

I use it mostly to identify foods that suit an animal's body chemistry and those that don't.

For most testing I keep it to a simple yes/no response rather than breaking out into the three categories we discussed in the previous step (Biostatic, Biocidic and Biogenic).

As we go along in future steps for humans, where applicable, I'll demo the animal version too. So much crosses species.

I also use it for brands and quantities which I'll address in another step, as well as identifying an area of energy congestion/pain/stiffness - if you are starting out, keep it simple with this yes/no technique and then as you gain confidence you'll be able to easily move up to the next level of information.

It's value over and over again is in helping to deal with physical problems such as:

  • skin - itching and inflammation

  • digestion

  • general energy and freedom of movement/stiffness

  • ....same as for us humans really!

I'm still in an isolated lock-down so I'm going to try and show you without a surrogate, the reason being is it's the number one thing I'm asked about and it is SO EASY to do - so why wait? You'll just have to use your imagination as I describe how to do it - see the link below.

What you need, when you come out of isolation:

  • an animal

  • an adult friend

  • something to test

  • to know how to do a basic indicator muscle test

While in isolation - you can self test, using yourself as the surrogate BUT I find it's not quite as reliable as a surrogate and you need to take extra time setting the intention.

The theory behind it is simply this:

THE SURROGATE'S ARM IS YOUR DOG'S LEG - it's as simple as that (I'm switching to 'dog' now but it can be horse or cat, any animal).


Get yourself and the person who will be the surrogate, grounded, in a temporary state of balance and with a clear intention.

  • 4 Thumps

  • Smile - heart tap + It is now safe for me to energy test Merlin's diet, it's only information, we can do what we want with it, but I'm curious. So we are testing Merlin. Janet is his leg!

Janet (we'll put a name to the surrogate) now puts her hand on Merlin's shoulder, neck or head - wherever he is comfortable. Take a moment to tune in and connect... the two of them.

I will introduce the food sample into the energy field of Merlin. It can be between the shoulder blades if it's a general answer you want or near any site of irritation, stiffness etc., that you want to help.

So you can go one of two ways here:

General response to the food - just put it between the shoulder blades and energy test with the intention of seeing how the food sample, when you put it in Merlin's energy field, affects the energy. Good all rounder.

Specific response to the food - put it near the site of irritation, stiffness and energy test with the intention this time of that particular problem. Do this by holding over the area and also saying one word that represents the problem. For example: hold over the back right hip and say: hip joint, hip joint, hip joint (I love saying things three times).

Energy test Merlin's front leg BUT we know that that is really Janet's arm !!

She is simply an open conduit for the energy to flow and give feedback.

and that is it - see how easy it is.

  • Just get the concept clear in your mind

  • clear your energy and Janet's + set intention

  • and do it .................. with practice you will be amazed at the results.

That's all for this step - test before YOU ingest and now your animal companion can do the same!

Find a way to objectively evaluate the results: is there less itching? is there less inflammation? is there evidence of less stiffness?

Let go of expectations - that really expensive organic dog food might be very mediocre and the marketing spin was creating that 'premium' impression. With energy testing your dog's food you can learn to tell the difference.

Use this and get confident with the technique and as we progress through other steps you'll see how you can glean even more information!

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