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THE KING OF OILS - Frankincense

My students know that if I could only choose one essential oil it would probably be this one! Although I have to say I love them all and since I qualified as an Aromatherapist about thirty years ago, I have enjoyed exploring this enchanting facet of natural healthcare and selfcare .... and it is indeed enchanting, ancient, wise and addictive (in the nicest possible way).

So, why am I such a Frankincense Fan?

Well, for a start I was interested because the Wise Kings included it in their trio of gifts: Gold, Frankincense and Myrhh. I further suspected there must be something special about it as it's used in many different cultures during meditation and spiritual practices.

I use both the resin (photo above) and a good quality essential oil, diluted in a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond.

It is often said that Lavender is the 'do it all' oil and it is indeed, but in my humble opinion Frankincense is the 'do it all' oil on a slightly higher vibrational frequency, it has that little bit more mystery to it, a hint of the ancient mysteries, you 'know' it's working deeply and profoundly when you choose it.

Where does it come from? A small woody tree or shrub (can grow up to 25 feet) with white or pale pink flowers, it yields a resin that is collected from the bark. The oil is then steam distilled from that resin. For me the best quality Frankincense resin is from Oman (the Plain of Dhofar to be precise) but I have used some Egyptian and Somalian resin too.

It's a warm, sweet, earthy, slightly spicy and very incense-like aroma - not a 'pretty' fragrance like some of the floral oils, a definite character all of it's own but one you could grow to love! Many producers of essential oils nowadays, try and go for organic and therapeutic - two I'm using at the moment are Phyto Essential Oils Sadly the lady who created and nurtured this company passed over a little while ago but her husband is continuing the tradition. I've also explored Gya Labs:

Be careful! As with all essential oils, they are deceptively powerful and should not be applied directly to the skin - unless you can 'energy test' to establish if your skin accepts it easily. If you are not sure how to do this, when you join my website mailing list you get five free gifts and one of them is a booklet (with video links embedded) that explains how to develop this life-enhancing skill.

It does have a minor blood-thinning effect so if you have any issues related to blood clotting/heart etc., do seek advice from your healthcare professional.

How it has been used:

Chronic stress and anxiety: Diffuse and let it gently lessen the grip of stressful and anxious thoughts. It has an ability to 'ground' into the here and now, and let's face it, most stress and anxiety is about mulling over the past or worrying about the future.

It also grounds you in a literal sense; it reconnects you to the earth itself and when that connection is open, one is more able to 'discharge' stress and anxiety and 'recharge' with the more healing Yin energy that the earth provides.

If grounding is a new topic to you, check out my home study module BAREFOOT REVOLUTION.

Reduces pain and inflammation: So can be useful to massage (diluted) into stiff and aching joints. I will sometimes mix it in with an old fashioned Wintergreen lotion that physios often use, and the house will smell like a pharmacy, but it helps.

Another favourite blend of mine that really warms up and loosens tight muscles is Frankincense with Sweet Marjoram and Black Pepper.

If you feel stiff all over try rubbing it into the soles of your feet, it will VERY quickly be carried up to all parts of your body!

Boosts immunity and helps fight infections:

Massage the oil (diluted) or tape the resin to the body on (or near) to the area.

There have been reports that it can help in the treatment of breast cancer.

I find it definitely supports my immunity and I use it, along with Lavender and Rosemary, when I'm travelling on planes as people nowadays tend to have developed the habit of coughing and sneezing without covering their face! That may change with the current use of face masks.

I have a plastic bag with tissues inside, infused with the three oils (undiluted) and have one in my hand throughout the journey (I replace it with a fresh one every couple of hours).

I also add 2-3 drops of each oil to a small pot of beeswax balm (you can use Vaseline). Mix it. Rub a little around the nostrils and mouth before entering the airport or public place .... any little germs are going to have to get past that defensive trio ! It is a strong mix so energy test first to ensure your body will love working with it.

Great for the more mature skin! Wonderfully rich and nurturing and can help reduce stretch marks, scars and of course .... wrinkles. Mix in a rich carrier oil (I'll write about them in another blog).

I think it goes without saying, use the best quality you can find/afford they will normally have a higher therapeutic value.

I have 12 stitches down the middle of my forehead (an old squash injury) and I defy anyone to notice it. I used a mixture of Vitamin E oil (I would pierce a capsule for each application so it was fresh and strong) + a drop of Frankincense and a few drops of Lavender - mix in the palm of my hand and dab; first of all on skin around but away from the fresh wound as I didn't want to risk infection and then later a bit closer and then finally on the healing skin, massaging gently to avoid any adhesions. Tracing lots of tiny Figure 8's over the scar (Tibetan healing symbol). Use your common-sense on when, where and depth of massage.

So add a couple of drops to your skin care preparation and next time your moisturizer runs out, consider buying some quality carrier and essential oils and make your own facial mix. In my online FIT FACE classes with Kim Dowdell, I talk about how to make up and apply the oils to the face for optimum skin-care. Keep an eye open as we will do another FIT FACE II later this Summer where I'll be going into even more detail about the oils!

Helps develop spiritual awareness and energetic balance: It can help you find that serene and tranquil place within. The ancients in many cultures have used it in this way - as incense, diffuse it, dilute and place it in the biofield over the major chakras or massage it into the 3rd eye and down the breastbone - where there is an area that some spiritual traditions believe you can connect to the soul, certainly over the Thymus area it can help put you into a temporary state of energetic and emotional balance.

It partners well with Sandalwood for meditation.

If you are an EEM practitioner, try massaging over the key Source points to bring Frankincense's balancing powers to each meridian and associated organ.

If you are not a practitioner, simply massage some of the blend into the temples along with an affirmation such as: "It is now safe for me to find that still, serene, healing place within me where I replenish my energies, mind and spirit - all is well"

Protection on an energetic and spiritual level - Diffuse or use as incense in your home to clear old stale negative energies and set the intention that the space is filled with an abundance of love, laughter, tranquillity and healing. I have resin placed around my house to help it remain a sanctuary for replenishment and healing.

I will wear it, often in resin form in a small pouch around my neck, at airports, hospitals anywhere where there are groups of people and their accompanying anxieties.

Frankincense is at home in the aura - rub some onto the palms of your hands (diluted) and trace Figure 8's of all sizes and directions throughout your auric field - to help it in it's filtering and protective role.

The Wei Chi protective energy in front of your chest area responds well to be 'fluffed' up with 'Frankincensed hands'.

Combats negative energies (and toxic emotions), be they within you, in others or in the environment. Useful when we are healing old traumas that may have become trapped inside. Frankincense is a friendly, comforting support when confronting that we must uncover within us as it is elevating, spiritual and wise.

GRIEF is an emotion that can get trapped inside us, modern day life sometimes doesn't allow us the time needed to grieve as we should, we ourselves become the 'wounded healers' let Frankincense into your life to help release grief, cry those unshed tears so you may heal the wounds and move on with more authentic joy in your life.

When letting go in this way tape the resin anywhere on the Metal Element meridians - i.e. Lung and Large Intestine. Points that work for me are Lung 1 area on the outer chest, the end of Lung pathway on each thumb and the reflex points to lung all along the breastbone - these you would massage firmly with the diluted oil and end by 'raking out' with strong fingers, to the outside of the body.

If grief is an issue in your life and you are trying to navigate through it, I have prepared a small home study module that you may find helpful.

We are all seekers, travellers in this lifetime, allow Frankincense to walk the path with you, he will be a loyal, protective, wise, trusted and supportive friend, he has to me! I almost feel that the wisdom of this ancient oil has pulled me back when I've been heading off in the 'wrong' direction and I like to think that some of his wisdom has seeped through to my very being over the years!

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