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Let Nature replenish your chakra system

Updated: Apr 22

Whatever you do in life, but especially if you are a healer or therapist of any kind, it is vital to be grounded fully with Earth, to be in the present.  We all have our own methods for grounding – for example my Coming to Your Senses exercise is perfect. See link at the bottom in case you missed it when posted. However, let me introduce you to another grounding exercise that works for me:


It's one I love to do outdoors, in the countryside, by the sea, perhaps with your spine against a favourite tree – it enhances the technique.


  •     Sit or stand – whatever is comfortable for you. 

  • Take some deep breaths, really open up your lungs.

  •     Visualise yourself as a tree, a strong tree, reaching up the sky with your leaves and your roots burrowing down deeply into Mother Earth.  Feel the sun warming your skin/bark and the air against your face.

  •     BREATHE IN from the sky, sun and air; feel the breath running down through your body, like a waterfall, cleansing every particle of you, revitalising each chakra.

  •     BREATHE OUT, down through your feet/roots and let any negativity flow out of you, in the earth which can take whatever negativity your throw at it and transmute it positively.

  •     BREATHE IN through your feet/roots – deeply.  Feel the nurturing, healing energy of Mother Earth surge up through your body, replenishing you, feeding you and your chakra system.

  •     BREATHE OUT and feel all tension leaving your body, creating space for energy to flow.

Repeat this two or three times until you feel calm, grounded, cleansed and replenished.

  •     Now take a few moments to visualise your roots deep down in the earth, spread out, holding you to this planet, they are strong, they are your support, your connection.... feel them.

  •     Say a prayer, ask for protection, for strength, for balance, for renewed health: for whatever you feel you need and don’t forget to say ‘thank you’ in advance.

  •     Be still for a minute and if you feel ‘good’ – programme that feeling into your body by gently tapping your 3rd eye.

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