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Often we develop etheric cords on individual chakras.

They will attach to the chakra and draw energy from it.   

They can attach to different chakras. 

For example:

Feet – holding us to where we live, home, geographic locations [not so good if you are trying to sell your house!]

Root and Womb – sexual/lovers/tribe. This is one of the most common cords, it can stay in place for up to 7 years after an affair is finished, before it begins to dissolve. So, if you have recently ended this sort of relationship, cutting the cord makes it so much easier to move on.

Solar Plexus –  conflicts that have impact

Heart – grief

Throat – unresolved communication [+ back of neck and shoulders]

3rd Eye - distorted perception of an emotional situation

Crown - Spiritual 'loneliness'


Cord cutting does not mean anything other than letting go of the dysfunctional part of a relationship/memory/situation.  More often than not this is fuelled by a fear of some kind.


Hold the intention of letting go  [with love] of the cords that block you feeling joy and experiencing positive change in your life.


Mentally take hold of the cord, identify it, call it’s attention, thank it for the lesson it has been instrumental in teaching you, tell it that it is now time to let go and move on, take your sacred dagger, sword or scissors and slowly cut the cord, releasing fear, forgiving the person/situation and letting go of any attachment.  

Smile and feel the peace of this moment.

Focus on little bit of cord still attached and see it disintegrate and fresh new energetic skin growing over.


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