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Chakras work as a team and sometimes, communication between a couple of them needs to be re-connected. Here's a very simple way of doing just that. If you work with chakras and can test them, that's great, the testing will guide you to the connections that need attention.

This can be useful for a specific situation. For example, you may want to join the creativity of the 2nd chakra to reinforce the communication aspect of the 5th [throat].  Or, the 4th [heart] may benefit from the protective energy of the Solar Plexus.

If you don't know how to test your chakras - do them all, it doesn't take long and is a very powerful process to do every now and again. Connecting two adjacent chakras or any two. 

Hold one hand on one and the other hand on the other chakra.

Tune in, breath – close your eyes, it increases the sensitivity through your hands

Concentrate and visualise the energy flowing between he two

Hold for about 3 minutes or longer


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