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Regain an uplifting sense of self with this point.

Updated: Jul 6

It’s a Window of Heaven point. There are 10 of these points in the body, most include the word Heaven and are thought to be used to address the more spiritual aspects of an issue and to the flow of energy in the Divergent Channels (part of the meridian flow that is not accessed via points)

Useful for dizziness, sadness/grief. Also to go within for our inspiration, appreciating ourselves and letting go of some of that excessive perfectionism. Realising that the best in us doesn’t have to be perfect, that we can let go of a disturbed past and not be judged by it, that we are deserving of love just as we are – right now.

As one of the ten Window of the Sky point it is a dynamic, spiritually uplifting point.

It supports the connection between your spirit and the universal spirit.

This point helps you begin to let go of emotional energies that you are attached to and may have perhaps led to a loss of a sense of self.

As you explore your inner world you can find, recognise and appreciate the very best in you ….. you truly ARE worth it! You don’t need to externalise this inner discovery, you may find it helpful to have someone who can gently nudge you in the right direction, but you don’t need a guru!

Do you ever feel grief for that which has gone? A pet, a person, a time in your life, a home, a job, a loved one? Is there a poignant nostalgia? You need this point to be able to forgive yourself/the person or situation, let go and move on and realise your potential in the present. This is typical of a key lesson of the Metal element.

Lung disharmony often manifests as depression, mental confusion and forgetfulness and this point helps replace these with trust, communication, receptivity, and a feeling of safety and that you have what you need.

I know this point needs working when I notice that I’m accumulating clutter in my home or on my desk; a sure sign that I am not letting go when needed.

How do I work it? I know the rough area (see below) and tend to rub up and down, both sides (cross your arms) with the tips of my fingers. moving into a massage movement when I will feel the 'tender spot' on each arm, I then linger on that, massaging in slow circles. Deep rooted imbalances can be reflected in this point, so it may remain tender. Don't be disheartened, keep doing it daily, perhaps along with an appropriate affirmation (below is a suggestion) and after a few days, you'll massage and it WON'T be tender - you've moved the energies!

It is now safe to appreciate that I truly am a great human being,

I AM worthy,

I now let go of negative guy ropes from the past

that free me up to move into a bright loving future.

All is well.

Thank you.

LOCATION: 3 thumb widths below the armpit ‘fold’ on the lateral border of the bicep.

Illustration taken from Deadman's A Manual of Acupuncture

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