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Musings from an island hedgerow

Walking the dogs yesterday I paused as a little Robin landed right in front of me on the sparse Winter hedgerow, it's plump red breast in stark contrast to the wood of the hedge. I always pay attention to the appearance of birds on my walks as I think of them as delivering the invitation to stop and muse for a moment.

So let me share my musing from yesterday …

Sometimes there is great benefit in returning to simplicity. Stepping away from busy-ness to better connect to the things that really should be our focus, the simple things that, if we take the time, can give us pleasure; for me a blue Winter sky and a friendly little Robin in the hedgerow, the dogs enjoying the myriad smells in the fields. Appreciation that I can walk the countryside, see that little Robin, listen to the birds and then go home to my own little nest.

It's the energetic season of Yin, the perfect time to dive a bit deeper, to be still and reflect on how you are living your life, how you are caring for yourself. Decide if there is 'deadwood' that can now be gently cut out of your life to free up space for fresh growth in the approaching Spring .... just as we care for our hedgerows and gardens, pruning encourages growth and we need to grow and evolve as we walk this planet.

What could your metaphorical secateurs prune in your life right now?

So I invite you to silence the external and internal 'chatter', get in rhythm with this energetic season, have your own 'hedgerow musings' - step away from media conditioning, perceived 'duties', manufactured responsibilities, group fearfulness. Take time out this weekend - how are you living your life and where are you heading? Is it time for a reset?

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