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“Seek out a tree and let it teach you stillness.”

“Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen.

No more is needed.

Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you.

Let stillness direct your words and actions.”

Eckhart Tolle

Life is a series of highs and lows, peaks and troughs that we learn to navigate, mostly through our own experience.... do any of us really listen to advice? especially when young. I love the definition of trough: A trough is a low area between two big waves on the sea. The boat rolled heavily in the troughs between the waves. A trough is a low point in a process that has regular high and low points. Emotional and spiritual roller-coaster in other words.

Those lows, the troughs which we sometimes roll around in, can be seen as restorative, an opportunity to withdraw into the stillness within from which we can emerge stronger, healthier and wiser. They are an opportunity to restore our YinYang balance, the root of our well-being.

While Yang 'highs' are often enjoyable, they can be exhausting if sustained over a long period of time. It is fine to give out to others so long as you balance by taking time to replenish.

As we roll into the Yang time of Spring and Summer - reflect; have you recharged your batteries enough during the Winter Yin? could you make use of this weekend to disengage and go within before climbing up the next wave?

Many of us have had months of being alone and connecting to Yin but it has been 'enforced'; going within this weekend provides an opportunity to rid yourself of any irritation, frustration or even anger at what has passed, so that as we progress through this Covid chaos, we can turn the page with optimism and hope. So that our 'tomorrow' is built upon an energetic positive that will enrich, not diminish, our life.

Mother Teresa once said: "before you go out and try to heal the world, look to your own backyard".

When the world situation seems 'hopeless' know there is something you can do - look to your own 'backyard'. Live from the heart, not subscribing to fear and lower vibrations. As Donna Eden says:

"raising the vibration of the world, person by person" - you CAN make a difference by detaching from the negative and living gently in the positive. You'll feel the benefit not just in your own life and spiritual development but by osmosis you'll make a difference to those around you. Imagine if we all did that!

“Within yourself is a stillness, a sanctuary to which you can

retreat at any time and be yourself.”

Hermann Hess

So, if the world seems a dim place for you right now, go within and ask the Wise One that resides there; what can add a little light? what can help you?

Doing a practice such as the EEM DER, yoga, meditation or simply walking and connecting to Nature can help. With the luxury of extra time during this isolating period, I will walk the dogs and sit in Nature every day for a couple of hours, feeling the two way flow of discharging old stale 'nonsense' and recharging with hope.

If it all seems a bit 'too much', if you just can't get yourself in the mood for any of that - focus on one single 'thing' at a time. Your choice which.

For example, to help go 'within', trace the ancient flow called the Penetrating Flow a few times daily and it will support you in your search for that stillness and release from the negative. Do it with intention, attention, fast, slow, with a flower essence, oil or affirmation, do it out in Nature, do it in the bath - play with it, make it enjoyable but do it..... it will begin to get you back on your spiritual track.

Pure potential, Penetrating Flow is a celestial fast-track to joy and to your angels, this flow stores and regulates the development of the true body energy. It can bring that energy into your inner depths: chakras, muscles, bones – every single cell of your body!

It carries pure ancestral energy and sets the strength of your general constitution. Prime mover in transferring our ‘essence’ to our descendants. It’s a portal between generations. If you want to connect to ancestral energy, meditating and working this vessel will strengthen the effectiveness of your meditation.

When you feel you have lost your way, gone off piste in your life, not sure where on earth you are going; work with this flow, it can help you reconnect to ‘why you are here’ what you came to learn and/or do, reminds you of who you are. It helps you walk the path of your true destiny, that can become so desperately overgrown with the weeds of minutiae that we stress over in everyday life.

If Penetrating Flow is stagnant, it will contribute to lack of libido, depression, feeling ‘empty’ inside and ‘why am I here?’, ‘what’s the point?’ thoughts. In other words, an absence of joy in your life, your smile will never penetrate your depths. During this Covid time, we need Penetrating to be active more than ever.

This, along with Central Vessel can absorb other people’s negativity, especially if you are a carer of any kind, work in a stressful/fearful environment, or simply open to the collective global energies of this time. This has serious implications as it will carry that energy deep into your body. So, some of the negative, depressed feelings that you experience may in fact not be yours but imported from the external.

Strengthen this vessel and slowly those foreign feelings begin to depart and you reconnect to who YOU are, a lightness of being begins to blossom as those toxic, tired, negative energies disappear from your being.

Activated, it can bring joy, glory, wonder, value and purpose to your life and increase your ability to bounce back – your natural resilience. Bob Hoskins said in the film Maid in Manhattan: “what defines you as a person is not that you fall down but how quickly you get up” . Penetrating helps you up off the matt when you fall. It will strengthen the central nervous system and can even increase psychic ability. If you feel empty inside or depressed, then this flow could be weak or blocked.

Here's how you get it moving .....

  • · Rub your hands together, perhaps adding a little of the oil/essences I mention below.

  • Spreading both hands on the sacrum, rub up and down over the Mingmen and Kidney area.

  • Then slowly draw them forward, up and over each hip (like tracing a horseshoe that is resting on each hip) to meet in front at the pubic triangle.

  • · Pull the energy up over each breast

  • Cross hands at the throat

  • · Draw the energy up to cover your mouth with both hands, one over the other.

  • · Hold them cupped over the mouth/jaw area and hold your breath for as long as you can. When you can hold it no longer...

  • · Exhale the breath with a long moan and drop your hands down to your chest area.

  • · You may like to end by figure 8’ing over your mouth and jaw.

I mentioned essences/oils above, I'd love you to choose your own but a couple of my favourites are:

Aura-soma - Serapis Bey either in liquid or spray form. My friend Kim Dowdell (Vision for Living) calls it 'peace in a bottle'. Aura-Soma describe it as: "represents the light which brings clarity and a new understanding of karma as an opportunity for renewal. Through a willingness to dis-identify with the conditions of the past, we may be freed into the present where our purposes for being here are illuminated. May help to cleanse and clear inner and outer space and to protect, harmonise and seal the aura, and to cleanse and purify the space between clients. Amplifies the use of other Aura-Soma substances. Can be used for energetic cleansing of crystals and accessing the information they hold, as well as attuning to stellar energies and the Truth and Wisdom from above. When using Serapis Bey it is best to apply the pink energy as well. The compassion, caring and self acceptance offered by the pink pomander or Lady Nada Quintessence can help to bring ease to the penetrative qualities of the light."

Frankincense - my old faithful!

Rose essential oil - to connect us to the healing energies of 'love'. It calms, heals emotional wounds and supports our Heart-yin to restore a sense of well-being, it can touch the deepest despair. It deserves it's name of "The Queen of Oils".

Waratah by the Australian Bush Flower Essences can lift us out of despair, hopelessness and help with adaptability and belief. It helps you step back to gain a new perspective. Ian White, the founder of ABFE chose Waratah as his logo because he felt it would be needed when upheavals challenge our world ... "literally millions of people will be taken totally by surprise, will have no understanding of what is happening and will quite likely find it very difficult to cope. The Waratah essence will help them find their own faith and give them the courage and strength to deal with the changes".

"There are times when we stop, sit still.

We listen and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper"

James Carroll.

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