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One of the things I love about my work is that either in person, or online, I meet amazing people, friends, teachers, colleagues and students - there is always something inspiring and enriching to learn, almost on a daily basis. Sometimes I even get lucky and learn several things in the course of 24 hours .... always, on reflection, I realise that what I learnt was exactly what I either needed for myself or needed to pass on to someone else.

When your world turns upside down, after the initial emotional reaction of fear, panic, anxiety, confusion or stress ..... use a technique of your choosing to come back into yourself, back into the stillness within because:

  • it is in that stillness that good decision making happens,

  • it is in that stillness that you breath again and oxygenate your body and brain,

  • it is in that stillness that you find creative solutions,

  • it is in that stillness that you reconnect to your heartfelt wisdom,

  • it is in that stillness that you hear the whispers of the Wise One Within

  • it is in that stillness that you can draw on ancestral memory and wisdom,

  • it is in that stillness that you begin to feel safe,

  • it is in that stillness that you begin to find answers,

  • it is in that stillness that you uncover what you really want,

  • it is in that stillness that you find the true you again,

  • it is in that stillness that you connect to that truth,

  • it is from that stillness that you have the silent courage to be that real you, to be authentic.

Life is so much easier when we live it authentically, our energies flow as they are meant to, we release the grip of ego, we attract situations and people into our lives that help us evolve, people around us begin to feel safe, there is more trust and support - by osmosis you begin the process of seeking authenticity in them, it might be just a seed that is planted, but it is there and it will grow.

STILLNESS SEEKING - here's a simple way

  • Rub your hands together

  • Shake them off

  • Bring one over the heart area

  • Bring the other over the forehead

  • Focus on your breathing - take 2-3 deep breaths

  • Smile

  • Take your hand about 1/4 inch off the forehead

  • Focus on feeling the energy exchange between the palm of your hand and your forehead

  • Do this for a couple of minutes - rest your elbow on a table if it gets tired

  • When the mind wonders gently bring it back to feeling the energy

  • Replace the hand on the forehead

  • Bring the other hand off the heart area to a distance where you can still feel the connection

  • Remain like this, tuning into the connection for a 10-20 seconds or more

  • Keep smiling

  • Now circle the hand (in whatever direction you are drawn to, don't overthink it)

  • Bring all your attention to staying connected and how it feels

  • Do for a minute or two

  • End with both hands over the heart area

  • Smile and say a statement such as; THANK YOU, ALL IS WELL, I AM SAFE, PROTECTED AND LOVED.

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