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Massage this point to awaken your inner WARRIOR WOMAN!

Lung 4, known as CLASPING THE WHITE is Located 5 thumb widths above the elbow crease. See diagram below.

Massaging this acupressure area, opens the chest and gives the courage to go out and experience life – it’s other name is VALIANT White which gives us a clue; when you are ready to move on, when you have been working on clarity and direction – work this point to actually get up and go!

It’s a great idea to find the truth inside ourselves and then be a ‘warrior’ and go out and live it BUT care has to be taken not to become fanatical in any way and try and make your truth the truth for everyone else!

Think of this as personal to you, it's YOUR journey so keep it to yourself. Although of course, some of the resulting benefits might impact positively on those around you.

I like to think of awakening the peaceful warrior within (hence the gentleness of the flowers). So, think of it this way:

Central Treasury was like going up to the top of the mountain to take a clear view and be inspired.

Cloud Gate has removed the cloudiness that has obscured your vision and given you clarity.

Heavenly Palace has helped you let go of negativity holding you back and given you a feeling of safety and worthiness to move forward.

Valiant White then awakens that little warrior within to stretch and walk out with confidence that challenges can be met and overcome!

Did you ever hear the phrase "go get 'em tiger" said with a smile to a young child? that's the sort of warrior energy this point holds which engenders the confidence needed to change the energy around your situation and in changing the energy, you will attract more positive situations and people into your life.

Diagram from Deadman's A Manual of Acupuncture

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