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Work that can help balance the energy around the eyes and therefore encourage self healing include:

Two other blogs offer ‘general’ advice which will apply:

and my absolute 'go-to' for everything:

The other area to be explored is specific to the eyes:

Is there something YOU don’t want to see? Could your animal companion be mirroring that?

Is there congestion in the area? Stretch out in the bio-field, imagine creating space for old energy to release and new fresh energy to flood in. Finish with Figure 8’ing over the eyes (again in the bio-field).

3 meridians are particularly relevant to the eyes: Stomach, Kidney and Liver … Flush each one (in the field) i.e. go backwards once and forwards 3 times – at the same time setting the intention, by way of an affirmation. For example: May the energy of Stomach Meridian flow free and true and bring healing to this whole eye area – thank you.

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