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2 things you MUST do if your animal companion is not well.

I'm constantly being asked for advice on what to do when an animal is not well and of course, every animal requires different techniques BUT there are a couple of things that every animal will positively respond to. I consider them 'non-negotiable' in animal care.

So, before you do anything, consider these. It will mean you will always KNOW that you can do something to help when things go wrong.

#1 - as Sherri's lovely cartoon illustrates: is your animal mirroring something that is wrong with YOU? So look to yourself first AND even if he's not mirroring you, is he picking up on your stress? either directly relevant to him or general everyday stress?

So often we underestimate just how potent the impact of our emotions and energies are on our animals. So get yourself as balanced as you can, on all levels, in whatever way you can: an Energy Medicine daily routine, yoga, meditation - whatever brings you into harmony. When you are in a balanced state of harmony it will support your animal, make him feel safer and less stressed, which as you can so easily imagine, helps promote his inner self healing.

If you would like guidance on the EEM DER click on this You Tube link to Donna Eden herself demonstrating the routine.

#2 is to reduce any stress your animal is feeling: the simplest way of doing this is to do the Mummy Lick followed by going backwards on the Triple Warmer meridian and coming off both front paws. At the same time tittle tattling ...... I love you, all is well, be calm and heal, I am here, you are safe.

If it doesn't feel right, or is not appropriate to touch your animal, this can be done off the body in the energetic bio-field.

If you consider that 99.99% of everything that goes wrong with us or our animals is either caused, or exacerbated, by stress, it makes sense that reducing the stress response, liberates energy for self-healing.

If there is 'shock' or 'trauma' involved, massage the points that ease that shock out of the body (see my specific blog - follow this link.

I KNOW it sounds too simple, but believe me these two things are an essential foundation to any care given to your animal - and for that matter to your loved one, partner, child ..... anyone who is in close proximity with you will be influenced by your level of balance/imbalance ..... as the cabin crew remind us: put on your on mask before helping others. Sounds selfish doesn't it? but it doesn't take long and can make all the difference.

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