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PAIN REDUCTION - what hand do you use?

I'm often asked this question: If you’re healing, an animal, does it make a difference which hand you hold up or down to send energy or take away the pain?

This refers to an energy medicine technique where we 'spiral' out the pain from a stiff joint, injury or site of wound. It applies to 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds.

It works by:

  • Get yourself grounded in a feeling of love and harmony

  • Smile

  • Take a couple of deep breaths

  • Rub your hands together and shake them off a couple of times to do two things: get rid of old, stale, stagnant energies and to activate a chakra located in the palm that enhances energetic connection and movement.

  • Place the LEFT hand a few inches off the area - it could be 1 inch or 20 inches - experiment to see what distance gives you the most feeling of connection.

  • Once connected, slowly move the hand in an ANTI/COUNTER CLOCKWISE direction, without losing that feeling of being connected.

  • Slowly move away from the body, imagine you are 'drawing out' the pain with that spiralling action.

  • Do this until you feel compelled to stop - if you're not sure, do for a couple of minutes.

  • The reason we suggest the LEFT hand for this is because it's Yin nature means it's a good 'receiving' hand, and you are 'receiving' the pain out of the body.


Energy is never black and white, there is always that magic grey area and if you use your RIGHT hand to do this ..... trust it's what that particular body needs at this precise moment, relax into that instinctive choice.

Back to the technique ....

Take the RIGHT HAND, connect with the area and circle CLOCKWISE a few times. This has the effect of stabilising the area.

Finish with a Figure 8 over the area a few times, whatever size and direction feels right with the energetic connection.

Hope this helps ..... effectively USE WHAT FEELS RIGHT ..... we offer a 'rule of thumb' to act as a springboard to your natural healing instinct.



circling ANTI/COUNTER CLOCKWISE over the area

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