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At our EMPOWERED PET CARE webinar, a couple of days ago, I talked very briefly about healing your pet, a friend or even yourself, from a distance. A few of you have emailed asking for more information, so let me share what I personally do, and remember, I'm 'lazy'!

As a radionics practitioner, I have witnessed the power of vibrational medicine at it’s best and this pulls broadly on that concept, although to date, nobody can categorically define how it works, we just know it does.

The ENERGETIC ETIQUETTE is to always ask permission of a person if you intend to do this and tell your animal companion what you are doing.


First you need a ‘witness’ – something that is closely linked to the animal/person who will be receiving the healing. I personally like to use a photo with a sample of hair attached to it. You can use a nail/claw/hoof clipping too and a sample of handwriting if it’s a person (but not in capital letters).

Second you hold (or put your hand on) the photo/witness and set the intention of working from love, light and healing for the animal’s/person’s highest good.

You then introduce to the picture whatever you feel will empower their self-healing (and don’t forget, you can do this for yourself too, so it’s working while you are off living life).

You could introduce:

· An essential Oil

· A Flower Essence

· A crystal

· Tissue Salt

· Nutritional supplement

· Herb

· Colour sample

If you have none of these things, simply write, on a piece of paper, what you want to give to this animal/person e.g. HEALING LUNG CONGESTION – the letters you write, along with the intention you hold when you write them, carry an ENERGY and that will impart itself, over distance, to the person or animal.

You could also consider putting the photo and remedy out on the earth (obviously in a safe and quiet place) and set the ‘instruction’ of the Yin healing energies of the Earth, reaching that animal/person. If you feel they are Yin deficient, put it out under a full moon. If on the other hand, you feel they are Yang deficient, yep! Put it out in the sunshine. If you want a balance of both, put it out over a 24 hour period.

If you are familiar and work with the 5 Elements and can identify an element that is weak, use items that represent the element: e.g. small glass of WATER, piece of WOOD, match for FIRE, some soil for EARTH and a nail for METAL – use with the intention of bringing that element into balance.

So for example, if you have a rescue animal that has been uprooted, you might focus on EARTH. Fearful? Focus on Water etc.,

If you would like to amplify the healing and have a SINGLE TERMINATED CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, place the crystal with the terminated end facing the photo. Place the remedy, words, herb or whatever you choose, at the other end of the crystal.

In the photo below, it shows four different crystals with 4 different healing tools (essential oil and crystals) – this was a very strong healing for a friend’s cat. However, use your discretion, especially with cats as often less is more and you may choose to only use one crystal and remedy.

You can see the possibilities of this technique. Feel the freedom to get creative when working in this way.

Whether you believe in it or understand how it works, you have absolutely nothing to lose in trying it. The absolute worst it can do is ‘nothing’.

Scientists cannot define exactly how this type of healing works, but there is no denying it does. There are three key areas to consider:

YOU the person sending the healing: your intention and method of choice. Of course, one can send healing without the photo or witness, but I find using these things: (a) intensifies the focus and (b) enables the healing to work gently for a specific amount of time, without me having to sit quietly and ‘send’ it.

HOW IT TRAVELS: I believe the concept that we swim in a sea of energy and that the ‘energetic vibration of intention’ (for want of a better description) is not bound by time or confined by space. Hence it can travel ‘distance’ with ease. In addition, its effect doesn’t diminish with that distance – doesn’t matter if you are 1 inch or 100 miles away.

These is totally contrary to the laws of physics. Perhaps we shouldn’t even term it ‘vibrational’ as at the moment it is outside any logical definition and cannot be understood or explained with our left brain. Therefore, at the moment it’s not accepted by conventional Medicine – however, one day a sensitive Scientist WILL discover the mechanics of distance healing and it will then be embraced into the mainstream as a ‘medical breakthrough’ – until that day…. Try it, enjoy it and make up your own mind.

THE RECIPIENT: you require permission to work with a person and tell an animal what you are going to do. It doesn’t matter if they believe in it or not, although a more open mind is a joy.

It’s good to agree a way to objectively evaluate the effect. Because there are no conventional ‘signals’ passing, the effects can be immediate, although sometimes, the healing works on a deeper level and is only ‘felt’ by the recipient a few hours or days later.

I love working from a distance with animals in this way as they are totally accepting and open. I KNOW it works because over the years I’ve had various photos and remedies ‘active’ on animals and often the wind, the cat, whatever, will knock it off the shelf and guess what? The owner will often phone after a few hours and ask if I’m still sending healing, because ‘something’s changed, it doesn’t seem to be working so well’ – I then go and check, put the remedy back and clients report a return to healing again.

As I said at the beginning – try it on yourself. As I write this, I’m going to try a little experiment …. I wonder if I put my photo and witness with a written affirmation, if that would support the strength of the affirmation? + if I forget to say it, it would still be working on me? I’ll report back, but this is what I mean by ‘get creative’ – it’s truly an Aladdin’s Cave with enormous possibilities.


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