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Do you want more 'lightness of being' in your life?

  • Would you like to let go of some of the guy ropes holding you to the past?

  • Do you think about detaching from certain aspects that no longer serve you?

  • Do you wonder how you can bring more of a 'lightness of being' to your life?

Then explore what this acupressure point has to offer.

Lois Francis, in her book Spirits and Functions, sums this point up beautifully:

"... like a crack on the meridian where energy can be stored.

Helps with the movement of the spirit where there is great depletion

and emptiness, a person is in the depths of grief.

There is a void to be enriched and filled."

Holding, pulsing or massaging this point helps fill the the mind, body and spirit with energy and richness.

It can enrich us in times of grief and emptiness, gives us time to breathe, not just physically but also mind and spirit.

Grief needs time and in our Western society so often we don't give ourselves time to move through all the stages of grief.

Did you know that in some States in the USA, if you are still 'unhappy' after 2-3 weeks of bereavement you are considered to need medication!

Medication is not what's needed, time to move through the grief process is way.

It's painful, it feels as if it's going to be impossible, but it is a healthier approach.

Pushing it down, medicating into numbness, denying grief only means it's there 'festering' under the surface and one day it will surge up and catch you out.

Stand with your grief: It shapes us, it forces us to go within, it is painful but in that pain there is a gift .... it makes us stop and think about what we are doing with our lives and how we choose to live them.... but grief takes a long long time to settle - give yourself that time.

In fact, we never lose that poignant sadness but there comes a time when we are able to live with it, to turn our heads and begin to find enjoyment and purpose in life again.

The secret is to move through grief and not get lost in it (for too long). A point of this kind is where energy can be stored, the downside of that is it can lean towards stagnation and that energy will impact how you handle grief and other emotions.

Working with Lung 6 can help you avoid the resignation of the 'stagnation trap' and move through your grief in a natural way.

It doesn't make it easy, nothing really does, but it does make it lighter as you move, provides space to breathe, rather than the heaviness of loss.

To me, this can seem like climbing out of the dark, oppressive hole of grief; be it old or current.

Do you tend to hold onto the past, the memories, the laughter, old loves and friends that have evaporated from your life? Because grief doesn't have to be about the recent loss of a loved one, it can be about loss of youth, opportunity, a lifestyle - it goes deep but it has to move, or you don't, you instead simmer and stagnate. Lung 6 will help you move forward in that lighter way, as Lonny Jarret says in The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine, "less burdened by our attachment to the past"


Lung 6 is a Xi Cleft point. The term "Xi Cleft" can be translated as "accumulation" hence Xi Cleft points (on each meridian) can be referred to as accumulation points.

Xi Cleft points are considered to be particularly effective for treating acute or painful conditions that occur along the meridian's pathway. For example, Lung 6 can be used to reduce pain along the entire arm or in an acute asthma attack.

Treating Blood Disorders: These points are believed to have a stronger influence on blood-related conditions. They can help regulate the flow of both Energy and blood in the meridian. It's the point to hold if someone is coughing blood.

As with all these points 'working a point' can be a highly individual technique to suit your body; try various ways and see which provides you with more of a 'sense' of the energy you are working with.

I normally use this as my start point - I work until I 'feel' I want to stop, that could be 30 seconds or 3 or 4 minutes, once a day or ten times a day - I go by my 'instinct' or I dowse or energy test:

  1. Sit with both feet on the ground and be conscious of my breathing, slowing it down, smiling and becoming more 'still'.

  2. Hands on heart, smile and breathe in through the nose the breath of life, feel it enter your lungs, your diaphragm expand, your belly soften and rise, come to the top of the breath and slowly breath out. Either through the nose or mouth, imagining any old stale toxic energies leaving your body on that breath.

  3. Hold the breath for about 5 seconds - gently, no forcing.

  4. Repeat about 5 times.

  5. Rub hands together and shake them off, so your 'tools' are clean

  6. locate Lung 6 on the left hand side of the body and make a connection with the energy by simply holding the skin, or an inch off in the field. Use whatever finger feels good, I normally use my middle finger, it has a gentle Yin energy connected to the Heart and other energies do not find it threatening in any way, it's a 'safe' finger.

  7. I might say something like "I call upon the energy of the great lung, to balance, heal and nurture my energy"

  8. I will then see what calls to me, I may simply remain holding, I may massage, I may pulse, I may stretch the point out, I may figure 8 it ...... there is no right or wrong way, simply the way that calls to you and you feel moves the energy in the point.

  9. Repeat on the other side.

As with all points I may tape a piece of Frankincense resin to the point after I've worked it, this gently maintains and integrates the balance I will have achieved.

I may use an essential oil or flower essence on my finger tips or hold a crystal over the point but whenever we introduce something like this please TEST FIRST as intellectually it may have all the qualities your lung needs BUT at that particular time it may NOT suit your lung energy.

Testing keeps you safe!

Equally you can test whatever you want to use - there is an endless choice. Some favourites are:

  1. Eucalyptus Oil is known for its strong respiratory benefits. It can help open up the airways and ease congestion, making it easier to breathe.

  2. Benzoin is an 'old fashioned' deep, rich and thick oil - I adore the smell and it suits my body, test to see if it suits yours.

  3. Peppermint Oil has a cooling and refreshing effect on the respiratory system. It can help relieve congestion and soothe irritated airways. Dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it to your chest after working your points

  4. Yarrow Flower Essence: can support lung health. It's believed to help strengthen the respiratory system and provide protection from environmental toxins.

  5. Mullein Flower Essence: Mullein is known for its affinity with the respiratory system. Its flower essence is thought to help with respiratory clarity and ease breathing difficulties. I use the herb as a tincture too, it's a classic.

  6. Aquamarine: can help with respiratory conditions by promoting clear communication and opening up the airways.

Lung 6 is located 5 thumb widths down from Lung 5 and 9 up from the wrist crease. Thanks to Deadman A Manual of Acupuncture (digital version) for the diagram.

Here's the link to a great You Tube with Clara, one of my favourite oracles ... it briefly explains location and benefits of each of the lung points. About ten minutes.

If you want to get REALLY accurate in point location (and you don't need to) - here's a good video:

If you are interested in Lung health - do visit my previous blogs on Lung 1-5 + I have a home study module available on my website:

Watch out for more blogs 7- 11 and then I'll explore the different relationships of Lung meridian and points.

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