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Can a daily energy routine be bad for you?

Donna Eden (the Eden Method) created a great 5-minute Daily Energy Routine, or D.E.R. for short.

It's the backbone of any energy worker's self-care regime. It supports the body in it's energetic dance with the environment, people, situations and challenges - it helps it adapt and thrive not just survive.

If you are not doing it already ..... here is the wonderful Donna demonstrating how easy it is:

The DER is absolutely safe for everyone, young or old; you can do it once or twice a day, slow or deliberate, in any order your want, all together or split out during the day - make it your own enjoyable daily habit.

Very occasionally, as the exercises begin to shift tired, stagnant energies, it's almost like a detox, you may feel a little nauseous, dizzy, slight headache or sleeplessness but don't worry! Rather view these minor side-effects as a sign your energies are on the move.

To help the flow stabilise and reduce these reactions, pay extra attention to your grounding to encourage the two way flow between your body and the earth. Literally discharging any old energy and recharging with fresh new Yin energy from the earth beneath your feet.

If you are not sure how to ground I've done a home study module that I hope will inspire and guide you - The Barefoot Revolution.

If you have undergone deep trauma, are chronically ill or suffer with an auto-immune illness, such as MS, introduce your DER much more slowly and gently than normal, allowing the body's energies to adjust, absorb and integrate the energetic changes. Don't stop, just slow up and do it at a patient pace that your body will embrace as it begins to adapt and find a better balance.

It is one of the safest things we can do in our self-care..... a great tip for everyone is to take a few seconds between each exercise to tune into your body and observe what changes are happening, what's the energy doing? how is it responding to that particular part of the DER? At first you might find that a bit of a challenge, but over time your connection with your body will deepen, you'll sense it's response and how to adapt your DER to match it's needs.

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