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Top tips that come to mind for our feline friends .....

FIND A VET YOU TRUST AND WHO IS ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH AS YOU, even if it means you have to travel a bit further. You will feel less stressed and your cat will pick that up.

THE RIGHT DIET FOR YOUR CAT'S BODY CHEMISTRY. Use your knowledge and any vet advice but also consider energy testing food brands and quantities, even the time of day you feed..... that way you provide a way of eating that exactly matches your cat's needs.

Not sure how to energy test? go to my blog section on the website where you'll find lots of pdf blogs on energy testing your animals .... many have video embeds. I'll put the link below for you to start exploring.

HYDRATION with a boost! Ensure your cat always has access to clean and fresh water to prevent dehydration, as it can lead to various health problems. Make mats to put beneath the food (being stored), their food bowl itself and their water bowl ..... on the mats simply put the words LOVE & GRATITUDE or HEALTHY NUTRITION/HYDRATION ..... these words carry a vibration that charge the water ( see my note below on Dr Emoto's work in this area ) and boost the benefits of the water. i write or print my mats and then laminate them so they last for years. My food and water sit on Emoto mats + my body and face oils and nutritional supplements.

MENTAL STIMULATION: Encouraging your cat to engage in physical activity and mental stimulation is essential for their well-being. Providing toys, scratching posts, and interactive playtime not only helps keep your cat physically fit but also prevents behavioural issues that can arise from boredom and stress.

FIGURE 8 your cat. Trace - in the 'aura' - lots of Figure 8's both on the back, tummy, in fact anywhere on the body. Any size, any speed, any direction .....

... why would you do that? because 8's are the ancient infinity sign and can encourage the flow of what the ancients called the Strange-flows .... these energies are the true 'trouble-shooters' of the body and will go to whatever area your cat may need a bit of help.

STROKING DOWN THE STRESS PATHWAY - on both sides of the body, start by the side of each eye and lightly stroke up over and behind the ears down the outside of the shoulders, down the front legs and off the paw ...... repeating the words: "You are safe, I love you" and slowly blinking, closing your eyes.

Do on the fur or in the 'aura', see which your cat prefers.

This has the ability to remove some of the excess 'stress energy' from your cat's Triple Warmer meridian, calming down the stress response.

If you'd like more details of the above and other top tips for cat care .... take a look at my book: ENERGY MEDICINE FOR YOUR CAT (Available on Amazon and all profits go to charity). Or, go to the animal blog section of my website .... lots of info there too. link below.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water has sparked considerable interest and debate in the scientific community and among the general public. Dr. Emoto gained recognition for his claims that human consciousness and emotions can influence the molecular structure of water. He conducted experiments where he exposed water to different words, music, or emotions and then froze the water to observe its crystal formation under a microscope. According to his findings, water exposed to positive words, thoughts, or music tended to form beautiful and symmetrical crystals, while water exposed to negative influences resulted in distorted and chaotic crystal structures. The former supporting well-being, the later working against it.

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