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Updated: Jan 19

Tap your K27 points before you start walking.  Getting your energies running in the right direction means every step you take, pumps up the energy, improves it’s flow, enhances it’s function.

If your energies are running backwards, then every step you take is effectively going ‘against the flow’ of your energy. You will not feel any benefit, in fact you may even return home more tired than when you started out because walking against the flow is exhausting on the body.  

Apart from flipping the energies into a forward flow, other benefits of tapping these points include:-

  •     Jump-starts and energises the entire system.

  •     Balances disruptions caused by travelling, especially through time zones. [A great one to do during a flight and when you step off the plane].

  •     Brings clarity to thought.

  •     Improves focus and  concentration.

  •     Brings a flow back into your life.

  •     Temporarily energises the eyes, useful if you are tired but still have a few more miles to drive.

You will be tapping and therefore stimulating the 27th acupuncture point on each Kidney meridian. Their Oriental ‘name’ is STORE HOUSE which describes their role perfectly, this is why massaging or tapping these points can energise the body generally, so excellent when you feel your energy reserves feel depleted.

They are located near the ‘right angle’ where the collar and breast bones meet. You will feel two natural indentations that may be slightly tender when you press them. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find the exact points, you know the approximate area, so tap around and you will get them, as with all energy work, it is about intention and attention. 

Breathe, fully moving your rib cage and diaphragm.

Smile and tap for 5 seconds.


Now by osmosis if your energies are running in the right direction and you are feeling more energised and less like life is similar to pushing water uphill, then your animal companions will feel the benefit too. You can always try massaging or holding the points on your horse or dog - they often don't like tapping, but experiment. Cats can be temperamental but YOU know your cat and try if you think they may enjoy it.

Don't get hung up about the exact location of the K27 points, we are not acupuncturists, go to this general area on yourself or your animal companion and 'feel around' your fingers will naturally lock onto the area, which will have less 'electrical resistance' and you'll feel a slight energetic 'dip'. First time doing it? have fun, feel around and you will find it - I promise!

Don't forget to smile, breathe and you could always make an affirmation such as:

My energy flows in the right direction in and around my body -

I feel energised and full of vitality. All is well.


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