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A thought from the Crone Zone ....

Consider the 'stuff' (things, money, image) society says you need to make you happy.

Step off the cultural merry go round and consider if, in actual fact, that 'stuff' is holding you back from a deeper feeling of contentment than the fleeting shot in the arm of happiness when more 'stuff' is acquired.

I'm a shopper so 'get' that frisson of excitement; but more recently have been less inclined to spend my time and money on 'stuff'. Rather than money, my currency seems to be switching to 'time' - time to take a leisurely walk with the dogs, plant my bulbs, read the stack of books by my chair, a relaxed coffee with a dear friend, time to write this blog! ...... the simple 'things' in life.

I invite you to STOP trying to have more material 'stuff' and start wanting less. What 'currency' is important to you now? There's no right or wrong answer, just be honest with yourself, knowing there is nobody around to judge you as you reassess the priorities in your life.

Explore a return to simplicity and authenticity, spending less time on acquiring 'stuff' and more time on acquiring self-knowledge, self-care, creating stillness to hear the whispers of your WOW (Wise One Within), enriching the relationships in your life that matter, reconnecting to Nature....

.... that my friend, is the 'stuff' that will matter when you reflect on your life. Make it matter now.

Holding the Liver and Lung points featured in my previous blog (click here or the link below), helps us let go of that which no longer serves us and call in what will enhance our life 'now' - in a gentle, Yin way.

Unclenching your mind - also helps: check it out on this blog -

Find yourself in stillness - click here or link below

CLICK HERE for one last thought xxx

xxx Maddie

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