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LUNG 1 AND LIVER 14 a comforting combo filled with hope

In my blog a few days ago I talked about Lung 1 - if you missed it here is the link:

I invite you to take it one step further in something very 'comforting' and a perfect tool in your self care toolkit.

You need to locate one other point - Liver 14 - diagram below. With grateful thanks to Peter Deadman (A manual of acupuncture).

Liver 14's name is GATE OF HOPE and that about says it all - hope is a precious gift in our lives and I hate to say it but with all the chaos in the world today, hope is dampened on many fronts.

It is also the Mu (alarm) point for the organ, so if you find it tender, keep massaging and you will be helping to bring balance to the Liver energy.

What else? it's the exit point from Liver to Lung, so holding it with Lung 1 helps ensure energy is flowing into the Lungs as it should. An absolute 'must' for any respiratory distress.

Sluggish flow between Liver and Lung (exit and entry points) is one of the most common energetic E/E blocks.

Liver can be very much about being angry, frustrated, irritated at yourself, it brings 'self-forgiveness' - something most of us need. A useful point to consider for depression.

Holding these two points (Lu1 & Liv 14) brings inspiration and aspiration to our lives. It helps us turn our face to the future with optimism; it often reminds me of the saying "turn your face to the sun and let the shadows fall behind you" - it will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, while at the same time being present in the moment.

Lois Francis says: "Think of Liv 14 as being the gate that needs to be opened in order that the person may enter the Middle Palace (Lung 1). A blockage here means that they have no hope of reaching the palace, the centre within themselves, the god within."

Do this little sequence on both sides of the body, in your own time, keep a smile on your lips, close your eyes to better sense your energetic connection with the points. Don't get stressed about the exact location of the points, finger tips in the area with intention is all you need.

  • Close eyes, hands over heart, smile and be still for a few seconds, bring yourself back to you.

  • Move the right hand up to cover the Lung 1 area on the left side of the body

  • Move the left hand down to cover Liver 14 on the same side

  • Connect to the points with fingertips or open palm - your choice

  • Bring attention to these points, stay still or massage (firmly or gently) or bring your hands off the body very slightly as this sometimes makes it easier to feel the energetic connection of the points.

  • You might talk to the body as you connect these two points: e.g. "Energy flows free and fine from my Liver to my Lung meridian, feeling me with hope, optimism and strengthening my lungs and breathing. All is well."

  • Work these points for however long feels good to you 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

  • Repeat on the other side of the body

  • Bring hands back over heart, smile and be still again - thank your body

As always, don't forget if your animal companion is very bonded to you, he/she may be picking up on your Liver/Lung block and associated emotions so after you have done this on you, do it on your animal companion! It may be that your Liver Lung flow is fine but are THEY slightly blocked .... you might suspect a problem if they have any respiratory problems or seem a bit 'down'. It's such an easy and gentle technique for your animal companion.

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