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Regulating and adjusting to life

There is an energy (called Regulator Flow) that helps us adjust to our external and internal environments. It has a back (Yang) and a front (Yin) flow. Because of its natural ability to adjust and regulate, it’s an excellent vessel to work when faced with any transition in your life. It revives that feeling inside that you are NOT walking this path alone, there is definitely some force protecting and guiding you. Working with the Regulator flow will influence:

· Hormones, chemistry, and circulation as well as the connections among all the systems in the body. They literally turn on and co-ordinate them all.

· Any auto-immune problem [which is basically where energies are not communicating with each other or miscommunicating and not adjusting correctly].

· The thyroid, it always affects it as it runs straight through it.

· Your body’s ability to adapt to, and create harmony with, endless assaults of internal and external changes.

· Emotional turmoil

· It helps you adjust to the new – and there is plenty of that around

· It influences outwardly directed anger that can be an obstacle to our happiness and often responsible for depression. Those who have the tendency to blame life and everyone else for their lack of fulfilment in life will benefit from working Regulator.

One simple way to activate this ‘Strange Flow’ is to slowly trace it with an open palm. 3 times once a day.

Trace Yin Regulator …

Rub your hands together, place them between the eyebrows.

Trace a HEART around the outside of the face

That heart sits on a STICK running down the front of the throat

Cross your arms like a genie in front of you at chest level

Uncross them, running your palms up to your shoulders so that your forearms are in a pharaoh position, i.e. crossed over the chest.

Bring hands down to the side of the breasts – a la Marilyn Munroe.

Smile and move hands down the front of the body – ‘Oh, I’m so beautiful!’

Move over the ribs, pelvis, thighs, knees, shins and the top of the feet, pause here

Squeeze lateral and medial sides together [pressure on Bladder and Spleen]

End by brushing off the feet

Come up slowly, let your abdominal muscles do the work, vertebrae by vertebrae – you may also like to swing your torso slightly in a loose figure 8.

Tracing the back flow – yang

Palms on temples

Do the Teddy Boy Sweep – move your palms up over the top and behind the ears and off the shoulders

Cross your arms like a genie again, clasp the upper arm a little higher up – say an inch.

Run your hands up the arms to the shoulders so that your forearms are again in the pharaoh position

Move hands onto the back as high as is comfortable

Trace down the back – in at the waist and out at the hips

Down the back of the legs and off the little toes

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