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I want to share a very simple technique I've used for years.


Because it slows down the distracting, sometimes chaotic, chatter of the brain and connects to the loving energy of the heart, creating a feeling of safety and stillness.

In that feeling of 'still safety', answers, directions, clarity will begin to unfold.

Take a moment to try it right now ....

Feet on the ground,


Slow down your breathing

Place either hand, or both, over the heart area

Bring your conscious attention to that touch and let the connection flow

Stay in that energy and do one of these three things:

Thank your body for all it does for you - a heartfelt gratitude


Speak to the cells of your body, reminding them that they have the capacity to renew with health, strength and resilience


Ask a question that has been puzzling you and remain still to see what comes into your thoughts


Simply say: "I am now safe to ... (add whatever it is you want to do) ..... thank you, all is well"

e.g. "I am now safe and it's the perfect time to lose my excess weight/change jobs/leave a destructive relationship/love again etc., etc., "

Sometimes in life the simplest things can mean the most and this little technique, albeit simple on the surface can be a friend to you now and in the years to come.

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