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At the recent weight class, I talked about trying to leave your kitchen clear and clean every evening so that you wake up to no 'clutter' or mess.

Why might you do this?

From a weight perspective - excess weight is 'body clutter', so decluttering your house, especially the kitchen (where food is kept) discourages the body from hoarding it's clutter (i.e. fat). Healthy choices suddenly become easier to make.

From a general well-being perspective - waking up to a clean and tidy kitchen starts the day on a positive vibe; with a smile rather than a frown or groan. It sets the energy for the day if your sink is empty and gleaming.

So in some small way your day will be better if you make that little bit of effort in the evening and I can imagine some of you will be raising your eyes to the ceiling thinking that's impossible with an untidy partner, kids and animals! So maybe just start with the sink itself.

I have to say I cannot take credit for this idea ..... I knew it instinctively (I think we all do) but there is a lovely book called SINK REFLECTIONS by Maria Cilley - The Flylady. She mentions it in there. It's a great read, very easy and enormously inspiring ... well for us little Virgos who like tidying up!

Her other book THE C.H.A.O.S. CURE is also worth dipping into if you feel like a major clutter clear/tidying/cleaning session is about due in your life.

Perhaps view it as a meditation, bring all your attention to what you are doing, smile, be grateful for the things you have, the good in your life and let go of anything that no longer serves you; from that little black dress that won't even fit your thigh but you are keeping 'for when I lose weight' to food six years past it's sell by date to toxic thoughts still lurking deep inside, they are clutter too and can rise to the surface while you are tidying ..... perfect to breathe them out, release them.

That way your inner and external worlds benefit.

I invite you to go to bed every night this week with a clear, clean and sparkling kitchen sink .... and see how you feel, does it make a difference? It's could be the start of a 'healthy habit'.

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