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It's Beltane again

The annual Beltane festival has often been called the 'festival of optimism' ....

I invite you today (or any day) to turn the page on what has gone before, to let go of that which no longer serves.

Use today to ground into the present moment and set the intention that by turning that page, your new 'chapter' is going to be full of divine abundance -

  • That your reality will be a healthy and happy one. The Beltane 'belfire' was believed to protect humans, and cattle, from sickness.

  • That your spiritual growth will expand. The belfire was a symbol of the Yang sun rising and sometimes the deep Yin quality of our spiritual life needs to rise and expand outward to influence our external world.

  • That the Yin Yang balance in your life is in harmony.

  • That you happily let go of that which is trivial.

  • That the energy released by that 'letting go', can be directed to healing on any level where it is needed, be it energetic, emotional or physical.

  • That relationships with your loved ones deepen in understanding and kindness.

  • That if love is missing from your life, that it may enter.

  • That self-love and care is given the importance it deserves.

  • That this time of 'fertility' creates an energy that supports your endeavours both personally and in your work life.

May today be an opportunity to stand still, smile, breath and become aware of the gifts you DO have in your live, that an attitude of gratitude prevails, that a smile touches your lips as you quietly say 'thank you' to whatever god, goddess or spiritual being you believe in. All in the energy of love.


I will take the exercise 'letting go on a breath' and adapt it to blowing through a candle flame - click on this link and it will make sense!

I will 'let go on a breath' of anything that has 'gained energetic dust' over the Winter and become stale or even stagnant, any toxic thoughts (yes, we all have them!).... it's a fresh start. The space left by letting go of these tired old energies can be filled with new, fresh, optimistic, revitalising energies.

HAPPY BELTANE and gratitude in my heart that you choose to read my books, blogs and posts, visit my site, come to my classes - it means a lot if I know that what I write and share can help or inspire in some small way.

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